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Choice of Chinese Government on Forest and Resource - Essay Example

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In the report “Choice of Chinese Government on Forest and Resource” the author focuses on Forest conservation, which has taken a center-stage in the Chinese government’s agenda, most especially in relation to the transnational boundary forests and mountainous regions…
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Choice of Chinese Government on Forest and Resource
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Extract of sample "Choice of Chinese Government on Forest and Resource"

Download file to see previous pages Under the Protected Areas, the ecology and biodiversity are to be protected from any form of human interference, thus sustaining such regions as natural conserved regions that represent natural habitat for different kinds of plant and animal species. In his respect, the transnational boundary conservation efforts between China, Nepal, India, and Bhutan have brought a total of 72% forest and mountainous covered region under the designation of the Protected Areas (PAs), offering a natural habitat for plants and animals to the tune of 10,348 km2. In addition, 11% constituting of conservation corridors has also been designated for protection under the PAs, so that the corridors can allow for the continuity and continuity of the natural habitats by connecting the isolated Protected Areas to form one large block of landmass (IUCN, 27). The essence of reconnecting all the protected areas through the conservation corridors is to ensure that habitat shrinkage is eliminated, while at the same time ensuring that the different isolated species of plants and animals in the different regions designated as protected areas can eventually connect and intermingle. This is meant to create a natural habitat for the plant and animal species that is diverse and all-encompassing, as opposed to the formation of separate habitats where each of the habitats carries different species of plants and animals (ITTO, 7).
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