Why are you interested in pursuing this graduate program at the McColl School of Business - Personal Statement Example

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Its graduate program at the McColl School of Business is renowned for its highly ethical and value based academic programs. Its business…
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Why are you interested in pursuing this graduate program at the McColl School of Business
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Extract of sample "Why are you interested in pursuing this graduate program at the McColl School of Business"

I am very interested in apply for Masters in Business Administration from the Queen’s of Charlotte for a number of reasons. Its graduate program at the McColl School of Business is renowned for its highly ethical and value based academic programs. Its business programs offer huge opportunities of personal and professional growth. The various modules of the course curricula are designed to provide persons with a strong knowledge based degree which would facilitate more efficient and accurate decision-making processes in the management and administration areas. The degree would equip me the necessary skills to meet my professional goals. As such, the degree from this university becomes highly relevant in providing necessary skills and academic knowledge to become a successful professional in the field business management.
Though I have no formal work experience but my four months’ training in a bank has made me realize the importance of acquiring professional qualifications in the business management. It will prepare me to face the challenges ahead of me in terms of new experiences and teach me to think strategically. I believe that it would help develop wider perspectives on relevant issues so that I could critically evaluate situations and resolve issues amicably. It would be especially relevant in the multicultural society where diverse ideologies could foster conflicts. Most importantly, the integrated business program would help me to work with confidence in global business with a global network of contacts and teach me how to collaborate as a team to meet the organizational objectives. The various modules of the course curricula are essential ingredients that provide students with a strong learning experience. I believe that the degree would hugely facilitate in meeting new challenges and therefore significantly increase my job prospects.
I have always been a highly self-driven person. I am also ambitious and would like to reach the highest level of professional excellence, both in terms of gaining knowledge and experience. The contemporary times necessitate versatility in the work ideology and functioning, thus making it vital that new skills and strategies are evolved to meet the emergent challenges with high efficiency and expertise. The new drifts in the professional areas have considerably impacted the socio-economic dynamics of the business. It has made work paradigms more competitive and at the same time more complex with the challenges of the diverse demands that have developed as a result of global values. The degree would definitely quip me with necessary skills to meet the challenges of the new global scenario.
Last but not the least important is the fact that the post graduate degree would facilitate an all-round education, encompassing academic excellence and inculcating the values which would promote ethically delivered goals. Most importantly, it promotes concept of constructive ideologies and proactive participation of the students in the community development and help forge better cross-cultural understanding within a pluralistic society. Indeed, it not only offers academic excellence with a creative approach but also helps inculcate social commitment, professionalism and ethical considerations. Thus, I sincerely believe that my degree would go a long way in realizing my dreams.
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