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Overview of the Broader Project of Neurotheology including the Etymology of the term - Essay Example

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The application of neuroscience in studying religious as well as spiritual beliefs is the focus of this paper. The only one instance of the application of neurotheology is an attempt to relate neuroscience and religion wherein the broader scope of neurotheology is exemplified as a budding discipline …
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Overview of the Broader Project of Neurotheology including the Etymology of the term
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Extract of sample "Overview of the Broader Project of Neurotheology including the Etymology of the term"

Download file to see previous pages Science was linear, cause and effect and the purpose, as well as the function of things, exist for desired ends, an example of which is an acorn for a tree, the world and what is in it for humanity. This was a hierarchy of the world with God at the top and man at the center. Moreover, the prevailing perspective of the universe was the sun and the planet revolved around the earth.
Through mathematical models of planets and earth, Copernicus challenged these metaphysics and his research de-centered the earth as well as humanity, directly challenging the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and the philosophy of Aristotle which held firmly the other position.
The view of the mechanistic universe was slowly taking preeminence in science and challenging Aquinas great theological synthesis of Catholic theology as well as the earlier science, with the invention of the telescope and Galileo’s published research in mass, space and time.
Philosophical exposition of the distinction between primary and secondary qualities which leads to a radical separation or dualism between main (non-material) and matter (material) is given by Rene Descartes (1596-1650).
Earliest Works Contributing to its Development like Huxley’s book, James Ashbrook’s 1984 Zygon article, and Laurence McKinney’s book Neurology: Virtual Religion. Discuss the book and his contributions to Neurotheology.
The first to use the term neurotheology in a philosophical or pseudo-scientific context is Aldous Huxley. He mentioned neurotheology in his Utopian novel island which was published in 1962, alongside with such disciplines as pharmacology, sociology, physiology, tautology, meta-chemistry and mycomysticism (Huxley, A., 1962).
Scientist and religionist James Ashbrook recognized as the first one who used the term Neurotheology in a scientific context (Ashbrook, 1984). The first book which carried the term in its title was written by Maverick Laurence O. McKinney (McKinney, 1994) and the second was edited by Rhawn Joseph (Joseph, 2002).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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