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Leading Teams - Coursework Example

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However, a team refers to a group of individuals sharing a common purpose and goals (Hackman, 2002). In essence, the strengths or focus of the team mainly depends on the commonness of their…
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Leading Teams
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Leading Teams Difference between a group and a team A group refers to a collection of people or individuals coordinating their own efforts. However, a team refers to a group of individuals sharing a common purpose and goals (Hackman, 2002). In essence, the strengths or focus of the team mainly depends on the commonness of their purpose as well as how individuals relate to one another. This mutual relationship develops a joint accountability which in turn creates a strong relationship and motivation to work harder. A group may come having a big number of people with a willingness to accomplish a focused action e.g. a political reform. In a business point of view, a work team has members working independently on a common goal so as to produce a given output. However, a work group consists of two or more people working independently in their achievements, not necessarily working in the same department (Harvard Business School , 2013). In summary, a team works together with a common output whereas a group is more independent to one another.
Strategies a leader should consider to influence a group or team
According to Hughes, Ginnett, C., Curphy, & J., (2012), some of the strategies are:
Logical/rational persuasion- presenting factual information and laying out unnecessary arguments is the best way to influence others. It includes putting emphasis on the positive benefits of the course of action. This technique is commonly used upwards like giving suggestions to executives on plan of actions (Hackman, 2002).
Inspirational appeal- it is used in a downward fashion with the aim of influencing high performance in a group/team. The leader relates the desired outcome or activity to a set of values or ideals that are respected by the group. It appeals mostly to emotions, which are drivers of motivation.
Consultation- it is a fancy word for seeking advice. Always make use of consultation when you are sure of what to do, but requesting how to do it. It works best because when one gives an input, they become more interested and committed to take the initiative. They feel appreciated and involved thus become motivated to pursue to its success.
Collaboration – this is working with others to do something that may be difficult to complete or non-routine. In working with them, you get their commitments.
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Leading Teams Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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