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Difference between 2 companies - Assignment Example

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Having began in 1940 as a small barbecue shop that was at the time owned and operated by Maurice and Richard McDonald, McDonald’s has grown to now completely reorganize their business as a hamburger stand using a number of product line principles. Incorporated in 1964,…
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Difference between 2 companies
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Download file to see previous pages esult of its rather distinctive business model, all of McDonald’s restaurants are operated either directly by the company or by franchisees (McDonald’, 2014).
The company offers a uniform menu across all its various locations although there are a number of geographic variations that allow for the menu to adequately adapt, and suit the local tastes and preferences. The standard McDonald’s menu typically includes, the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, French fries, a wide array of salads, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, snack wraps, oatmeal, sundaes, soft drinks, shakes, coffee, several chicken sandwich options, McCafe beverages and a number of other beverage options. According to (2014), the strength of the current alignment of the McDonald’s’s system that comprises of the company, its suppliers and franchisees has been key to McDonald’s success. By leveraging this system, McDonald’s is able to easily identify, implement and eventually scale ideas that are able to meet the customers’ changing preferences and needs. In addition to this, McDonald’s business model enables the company to consistently deliver what has been described as locally-relevant restaurant experiences to customers and help the company to be an integral part of the community that it serves.
McDonald’s is managed as distinct geographical segments that include the United States, the Asia/Pacific Middle East and Africa region (APMEA) and Europe. The company is noted to also have other operations in Latin America and Canada.
McDonald’s has a number of aims and objectives that primarily center on the serving of good food in what is a fun and friendly environment, emerge as a leading socially responsible company, and provide good returns to the company’s share holders. In addition to this, the company also aims to provide all its customers with food of the highest standard, value for their money and quick service. The company also wishes to become more eco-friendly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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