Module 4 TD-MGT 411 Workers Compensation - Essay Example

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It is a breach of compensation contracts, terms and conditions. In this case, there many issues of concern not just to me but also to anyone in my capacity. First, it is difficult to…
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Module 4 TD-MGT 411 Workers Compensation
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Workers Compensation Scotts case is one among many other complex emerging situations concerning workers compensation. It is a breach of compensation contracts, terms and conditions. In this case, there many issues of concern not just to me but also to anyone in my capacity. First, it is difficult to determine whether Scott is preparing to file a compensation claim. Issues of compensation of a claim are private and confidential and so the organization dealing with employee welfare do not disclose to the employer whether an employee has filed such a claim because of the fear of interference of investigation.
Secondly, it proofing whether Scott was sick is another problem. Trying to investigate such may kill his moral at work and make him feel that the organization does not trust him. Thus investigating it may compromise his ability to deliver effectively. Again, the organization may incur great losses if he decides to file a compensation of whatever nature because he has a history of filing numerous compensations. Additionally, before being hired, he must have gone through an interview and the organization must have been satisfied that he will deliver and so firing him is another difficult option because there is no tangible evidence of gross misconduct. One cannot tell whether Scott is still the same or has changed for the better.
Now with the new information concerning Scotts history I will constitute an independent investigating team to find out first whether the claims are true. Sometimes managers rely on rumors that are usually malicious and end up making outrageous decisions. When established that it is true; the independent team through their maneuvers will then investigate whether he has been sick and whether he has filed any compensation claim. From there, Scott himself will be given an opportunity to respond to the findings of the investigation and take an evidence-based decision.
Jasper, M. C. (2008). Workers compensation law. New York: Oceana. Read More
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(Module 4 TD-MGT 411 Workers Compensation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Module 4 TD-MGT 411 Workers Compensation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Module 4 TD-MGT 411 Workers Compensation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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