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Synthesizing two books regarding business - Essay Example

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What is making me lag behind in my studies when it comes to practical approach toward my curricula? I am very good at the theoretical portion of subjects. I am, overall, a very good student. I am regular, and am determined to a great extent. I know that getting good marks is…
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Synthesizing two books regarding business
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Download file to see previous pages I prove not be a very good team member, may be because I am an introvert. Hence, my introversion is the basic reason why I cannot work in teams, and hence, my practical projects suffer.
2. As I already said, introversion and inability communicate well are the basic factors that make me unable to work in teams and groups. I am shy, get nervous at times, and lack leadership qualities. Collaborating with other team members and making them understand my viewpoint becomes difficult for me. When I do not convey my messages properly, they do not understand, and hence, my queries remain unsolved, due to which I do not understand a part of or many parts of the project at hand. This is how all of these factors interrelate to make me lag behind in practical work.
4. Holistic tradition persuades students to work in groups and engage in vigorous group activities to discuss and experiment with their topic while focusing on the practical illustrations. The team leader serves as a facilitator rather than an instructing boss, and this aids other team members in better communicating with the leader and with other members of the group, and in getting an improved understanding of complicated problems related to the project. To narrow down the performance gap I identified earlier, I need to learn to better communicate with peers and get to know them better along with achieving a clearer concept about the topic in hand. I need to feel empowered and make others feel the same when we are given the chance to have the classroom all by ourselves, where we can sit in whichever manner we want and engage in healthy discussions full of enthusiasm. I need to take training classes to overcome my introversion and shyness. I need to attend seminars and training sessions regarding communication. Hence, I plan to overcome my personal flaws through sessions and classes. I also plan to do research on the internet regarding brain exercises that can help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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