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This paper will use Goodpaster’s views to analyze the mission statement that, “the organization aims at treating its stakeholders fairly and ensuring…
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Ethical Analysis The article by Goodpaster discusses the ethical techniques that guide managers of organization in running their businesses. This paper will use Goodpaster’s views to analyze the mission statement that, “the organization aims at treating its stakeholders fairly and ensuring that they get maximum satisfaction.”
According to Goodpaster, managers should ensure that their companies treat both the internal and external stakeholders fairly (2). The internal stakeholders include employees while external stakeholders include customers and the community. Therefore, the mission statement is ethically correct because it states that the firm aims at treating its stakeholders fairly. Since the statement has not categorized the stakeholders, it means that it will treat all participants who are involved in transaction equally.
The mission statement also aims at ensuring that stakeholders achieve maximum satisfaction. This indicates that this statement is based on the utilitarian ethical critical thinking technique. The article argues that utilitarian principle is classified under normative ethics and it aims at providing maximum utility to all parties who are involved in an organization. Normative ethics is a field that aims at differentiating right from wrong (Goodpaster 5). Therefore, it means that if the disutility that stakeholders get from an organization surpasses the utilities, it means that the company acts unethically.
The organization should, therefore, analyze the effects of its actions during the formulation of policies to ensure that they produce more benefits than costs when they are implemented. Goodpaster argues that companies should conduct the analysis when formulating policies that deal with both the internal and the external environment (3). Therefore, from the views of Goodpaster, the mission statement is ethically acceptable.
Work Cited
Goodpaster, Kenneth. “Some avenues for ethical analysis in general management.” Harvard business school, 1982. Print. Read More
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