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What is business ethics Staff Motivation - Dissertation Example

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Trends and practices in business management is becoming so evolving and reforming that certain factors that were not regarded so much in time past when talking of human resource management have become central components of business management today…
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What is business ethics Staff Motivation
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"What is business ethics Staff Motivation"

Download file to see previous pages Widespread knowledge of the need to paying so much attention to human resource has therefore paved way for the understanding that ‘the people are the money because the people make the money’. Talking of people here brings our focus to two major categories of people who are customers and employees.
There have been several debates in the field of human resource management as to which of these two groups determine the growth of a company most. This dissertation shall however give much attention to employees as vital human resource components for business growth. In discussing the need to ensuring a well catered for human resource, and having the employee as a focus, one issue that comes out easily is the issue of business ethics.
This is because reviewers and researchers have worked assiduously to coming to proof that having sets of business ethics that focuses on the well-being of the employee has a lot to do with determining the growth rate of any company.
Business ethics plays vital role; especially when well applied in ensuring that the welfare of the employee is catered for. Business ethics however comes in several ways and forms. For the sake of this research, the researcher shall base his arguments on business ethics on employee or staff motivation. Painfully, many organizations and companies refuse to see employee motivation as a core component of business or organizational ethics. This is a wrong perception because lack of motivation affects a company or an organization in several different ways and when it gets out of hand, it becomes obvious in small phenomenon like absenteeism, conflicts, increased deviance, less team work and bad reactions towards customers (Quatro & Sims 2008, p.273). Motivation is a natural phenomenon of life and so are its effects. There are researchers who even describe the effect or reaction that follows motivation as one of the world’s most contentious forms of involuntary action (Wright, 2001). To some, the reaction of motivation is magical … and to yet to some others, it cannot be tamed. This is because almost all people around the world react to motivation in the same way. Once a person is motivated, especially at work, the person becomes energized and fueled to give off his or her every best. It is for this reason that the researcher has dedicated this research work to finding the relationship between staff motivation as a form of business ethics and increased productivity and subsequent increase in business growth. Research Aim This study is done with an aim of analyzing the effects of business ethics in motivating the staff and bringing about a change in their productivity levels. This is however a very broad aim that needs to be synthesized. The researcher has done this process of synthesis by breaking the research aim into specific objectives for the research. Specific Objectives These specific objectives are minor and intermittent goals that have set by the researcher. It is the hope of the researcher that along the conduct of the entire research, various tasks taken shall lead to the achievement of the specific objectives. This is because as the specific objectives get achieved along the research, it would lead to the eventual achievement of the broader researcher aim set above. To this end, the specific research objectives to be used by the researcher are as follows: 1. To explain the meaning of the term, business ethics. 2. To explore the various forms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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