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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Environmental Auditing and Management Systems Introduction Environmental auditing and management systems usually determine an organization’s performance. Often, the external and internal environment of a company plays a critical role in terms of stakeholder relationships and its success, thus must be critically evaluated…
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the essay will discuss into details three basic aspects of sustainability and the role of companies in addressing all these three aspects, including the CSR practices as they relate to the organization. The benefits and limitations of using EMS are also discussed at length and ways of identifying and improving social impacts of companies, after which it will establish sustainability indicators when using EMS as well as outlining CSR and sustainability standards. Moreover, the essay gives a detailed discussion on matters relating to shareholder theory in CSR and standardization. Task 1 Suppliers’ Environmental Performance In essence, suppliers’ environmental performance is important to a company adopting an EMS, whether certified or not because of a number of ways. The suppliers form part of the external environment in a company, thus their contribution has significant influence in running a company. Suppliers’ power comes into play when they demand that retailers pay a given amount of money for the supplied goods. Lack of compliance from the side of the retailer means the supplier will not provide the goods. Taking Tesco Company as an example, the entity has an advantage over the small stores as most people tend to do all their shopping in large stores and supermarkets. This enables Tesco to have the ability to dictate the price suppliers will sell goods as failure to comply on the part of suppliers will leave them with no market to supply their goods. According to Rigby, the government needs to increase protection for suppliers and reduce their exploitation by large supermarkets (24). Tesco has a range of its own product which gives it power to fully dictate their price since it does not have to wait for suppliers to provide the goods. These products have strengthened the company’s profits and increase its competitive advantage. In 2007, the company sales were ?42,633.4 million with a 21.9% growth rate in sales (Rigby 44). The suppliers’ environmental assessment fits within an EMS in a number of ways. For example, it promotes ethics and cordial relationships among different suppliers who might be transacting business with the company. In an organization, ethical behavior is imperative because it plays an integral role in helping it achieves the desired environmental management system. It also forms the culture of the organization and fosters the relationship between the stakeholders. Importantly, the analysis of the organizational ethical human behavior is very essential in making ethical managerial decisions, bearing in mind the need for consistency to the international principles of running the affairs of the company. In addition, ethical human behavior presents the dynamic relations, which the company could apply to realize its vision and mission based on the outlined objectives. Therefore, ethical human behavior comprises the fundamental aspects that the people in the organization should adopt in delivering better management services to the potential customers and other stakeholders. Those aspects are core when making ethical decisions about the code of behavior expected from leaders. The value of a comprehensive code of conduct to guide organizational activities is vested in the spirit of the leaders to exercise the organizational culture. As a leader, one of the primary responsibilities is to help shape a culture of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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