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The movie titled Runaway Jury is based on a court room trial in which a widow had filed a law suit against gun marketing and selling company for selling the gun that was used to kill her husband (Runaway Jury. 1). The movie depicts the procedure through which a jury for a trial…
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Runaway Jury
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Runaway Jury – Jury Selection Process The movie d Runaway Jury is based on a court room trial in which a widow had filed a law suit against gun marketing and selling company for selling the gun that was used to kill her husband (Runaway Jury. 1). The movie depicts the procedure through which a jury for a trial by jury is selected. The movie provides in-depth details regarding the actual procedures but is not exactly based on how the jury is selected. In the movie, the gun manufacturer hires Fitch who has been assigned with the duty of ensuring that the jury that is selected does not rule in the favor of the widow. The duty of Fitch is similar to the duty of a jury consultant who is hired as a consultant to develop a jury for a trial. The aim of the jury consultant in the movie as well as in actual life is to ensure that the jury members do not sympathies with the widow and are not interested in the evidence. Fitch is quite successful in selecting jurors who are not in favor of the widow, but one of the jury members named Nicholas Easter who has great influence over other jury members is more interested in a deal and he is ready to ensure that the jury will provide the verdict in the favor of the defense if he is paid a handsome amount of money. This exhibits how different jurors interact. This movie is a clear depiction of how jury tampering takes place which is considered a crime in United States.
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Runaway Jury. USA: Gary Fleder, 2003. DVD. Read More
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Runaway Jury Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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