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After the United Kingdoms 2010 general election, the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties formed a coalition in response to the voting ending with a hung parliament. This meant that no party had control over the House of Commons, making it extremely difficult for the…
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Does the Conservative- Liberal democrat coalition have coherent ideological roots
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the differing ideologies held by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, they were able to come up with a coherent plan with which to run the country.
The ideological roots of the coalition were introduced because the two parties needed a framework in which they could work together. Since the ideologies of the parties were normally so different, they had to identify some of the main differences and resolve those issues before the coalition could be formed. This was a big step because it identified 11 different issues that would have to be examined before moving forward with the coalition.
The first issue they examined was the reduction of the deficit. They decided that the best way to speed up the deficit reduction was to reduce spending, rather than increasing taxes. Members of the coalition decided to implement an emergency budget 50 days after signing the coalition agreement. They also scrapped the Labour Partys jobs tax, which could have cost the country many jobs. This was an important ideology for the coalition because it helped decide how the UK’s money would be spent.
The next issue to discuss was the countrys spending, since they knew that they would have to make some significant cuts to reduce the deficit. The coalition began by providing more money for the National Health Service and freeing up funds for underprivileged students. They took this money from outside of the education budget to ensure that it would not be cut later on in the process. The Liberal Democrats wanted to see Britains nuclear deterrent eliminated, but decided to have the agreement renewed for the time being because the issue was important to the Conservatives.
For taxation, the parties increased the income tax allowances in the country. This means that lower income earners would not be taxed unless they made over £10,000 by the year 2015. The plan was also to providing tax exemptions for individuals starting businesses on their own, while taxing non-business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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