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Career management system is vital ingredient of human resource practices that facilitates personal and professional development of individuals within an organization in accordance with the organizational objectives and requirements. It is designed to promote and create a talent…
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Career Management System
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Career management system is vital ingredient of human resource practices that facilitates personal and professional development of individuals withinan organization in accordance with the organizational objectives and requirements. It is designed to promote and create a talent pool that would add value to the organization and help it to gain leverage (Lewis & Heckman, 2006). Most importantly, they provide the workers with constant learning environment so that they can acquire new skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of the changing times. The various components of career management help the employers and employees to align their goals and work towards higher productive outcome. The various common elements of the career management system are examined for planning and shaping the career path of employees.
Career growth projection
The organizational growth chart is important incentive for the employees to work hard to achieve higher professional status within an organization (Gutteridge & Leibowitz, 1993). The possible career options and avenues of personal and professional growth within the firm help employees to plan their future growth. Thus, organizations need to develop clear career ladders for the workers that they might seek to advance their career.
Organizational policies and procedures
The organizational policies and procedures are critical paradigms that help create an environment of constant motivation for the employees to work with high commitment. The internal job search and facilities provided within organizational to the employees need to be constantly communicated across the workforce. Compensation, career moves, eligibility for new job or promotion etc. are important issues for workers who strive for growth to achieve their ambitions and career related objectives. Thus, strategies and policies must include the changing nature of the society that is increasingly becoming multicultural and focus more training and development of human resource to meet the challenges of the global competition.
Learning environment
Organizations need to create facilitating environment of constant learning. It not only helps to nurture high standard of ethics and quality work but it also helps employees to acquire new skills that would add value to their core competencies leading to higher performance. Most importantly, improving skills and gaining knowledge provide workers with cutting edge competition that helps them to meet the challenges with new vigor and motivation.
Partners and career guide
The networking across the community helps to create new job opportunities for not only new job aspirants but also for the existing workers. The career guidance programs in school,/ colleges, job development agencies etc. are links that enhance awareness of the various job options of career growth.
Effective communication
Effective communication is the most essential ingredient of the career management system as it helps to disseminate information regarding new job options, growth graph, design and plan new options of personal and professional growth of working people. The various programs of career growth within organizations promote retention and higher work motivation. Consequently, effective organizational community helps to reduce job-securities amongst the workforce and helps them to seek ways to enhance their job prospects.
Organizational assessment programs and reward system
A regular internal appraisal system of assessing employees’ work based on fair evaluation facilitates access to personal and professional development (Tailor, 2008). It also promotes job satisfaction and retention, leading to quality and consistency in work output.
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