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What EHS practice specialty, e.g., safety management, ergonomics, environmental, risk management, etc., do you want to pursue when you graduate? What industry, e.g., health care, government, manufacturing, mining, etc.? Explain why you chose this area of practice.
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Safety and health management system
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Safety and Health Management System What EHS practice specialty, e.g., safety management, ergonomics, environmental, risk management, etc., do you want to pursue when you graduate? What industry, e.g., health care, government, manufacturing, mining, etc.? Explain why you chose this area of practice.
I would want to pursue safety management when I graduate. Moreover, I would wish to work in the healthcare industry. This is because I have always had interest in prevention of illnesses, which often harm people. As I grew up I developed great desire on how safety measures can be used effectively in health systems. Most of the diseases arise due to poor safety measures. Moreover, pursuing safety management will enable me have a direct impact on public health and safety.
2. Review the PowerPoint presentation called Goal Setting for Young Professionals and tell me what parts you found most useful to you and how you would use the ideas for your career planning.
As I reviewed the power point presentation on Goal setting for Young Professional, the part that interested me most was on the “Ten Steps to Reach Your Goals.” These ideas are applicable to my career choice, which require me to keep dreaming. The ten steps will guide me in assessing if am working towards my goal. I already have burning desire in safety management, however, I have realize that I need to develop a belief regarding my goals, write it down, set deadliness to achieve the different steps towards my goal, identify the obstacles, get the appropriate resources that will enable me attain my goals. Moreover, I need to identify the people who can help me achieve my goals, make plans regarding my goals, and make a personal decision to succeed. Although I have always set goals in life, at times I fail to achieve some because I did not know some of the most important steps in achieving goals such as setting deadlines for the different steps towards achieving the goal.
3. On page 34 of your Job Choice test, there is an article about passion and purpose. Those who have a high level of passion and purpose in their careers are those who are the most successful. How could you develop a high level of passion and purpose in your career?
Passion is very important in life since it gives meaning to one’s life. Moreover, passion is important for one to enjoy, gain satisfaction, and make a difference in life. One can develop high level of passion and purpose in his or her career. The first step towards developing high-level passion is identifying ones interests. This will pave way towards the career one chooses to pursue. The next step is distinguishing the desires from interests. This aids in narrowing down the interests. Realizing ones desire enables one identify the interests and curiosities he or she can pursue. The third step is making sacrifices in order to express ones interests. This entails putting aside other things to pursue ones interest. The career one chooses should be a passion and should be willing to put other things aside in order to pursue and succeed in it. Therefore, developing high passion in one’s career entails distinguishing ones passions from desires and interests. This is through understanding the purpose or importance of ones career to his or her life. After realizing the significance of one’s career one is willing to make sacrifices and succeed.
4. What is your definition of a successful career? In other words, what do you most want to say you have achieved in your career on your retirement day?
My definition of a successful career is that which allows me to make a different that contributes towards improving my life as well as other people’s welfare. Successful career is a journey, which entails several steps where each steps is important and pave way for further achievements. Therefore, success may take different definitions in the different periods of life depending on the preset goals. However, during my retirement day, I will feel that I have achieved if I will have achieved my goals at the right time and managed to achieve my potential. Moreover, I should have managed to balance my personal, professional, and financial goals. Read More
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