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Business Research Skills - Essay Example

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According to the author when an employee starts its career with any organization the salary of that employee is at the beginning stage as the time goes on if the employee stick with that organization his/her salary gets increased. This increases the seniority of those employees…
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Business Research Skills
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Download file to see previous pages When an employee stays the longer period of the time in the same company it increases its loyalty to the company and the salary also increases. He also added that the staying in the company for longer period of time can make that employee more and more experienced and suitable for the company. According to the author, there may be more different another determining factor in determining the salary levels of the executive.
According to Economou (2011), He also said that there are lots of determinates like social, political and the situational determinants are very important for fixing a salary of the executive. If the organization is earning profit and revenue then the organization can easily think for a growth in the salary after regular interval of time. It has been noticed that if a person stays a longer period of time with the same company can earn more salary. Seniority of an employee is the very important factor for fixing any salary. Level of salary would be determined by the quantum of the responsibilities of that employee. It is quite obvious that the senior employees would have more and more responsibilities than the junior employees. It clearly states that the level of the salary of the senior employee would get more hike as its base is very high. It also supports the analysis done in the task one. The author also argued that as the salary of the senior employees is higher than the lower employee it shows that what the senior employees can earn in the lesser period of time, it would take a more time for a person who is working in the same company. Obviously, the time taken for the company senior officers is less. He also argued that when one employee is working for the longer period of time that person can adapt very well to the company. It also stated that in any organization people with the highest amount of salaries are less in numbers and the number of people with the lowest base of salary. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Research Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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