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FEASIBILITY REPORT Abstract E-learning industry has rapidly growing and has become a centre of attraction for many individuals and organizations. E-learning is a convenient and affordable way to enhance one’s skills and capabilities, this technique has gain popularity very swiftly…
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Research Paper - Feasibility Study
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Download file to see previous pages Globalization and advancement in technology has developed a new concept of virtual organization, these organizations operates online without any physical existence, this concept can be used by businesses outside the developing countries to cater the need of affordable education in the region. This report talks about the feasibility of a virtual US based institute which would be offering vocational short and long term courses on particular subjects primarily to the developing countries, and to the local market. INTRODUCTION Learning and growth has become one of the important aspects for organizational and self growth. Globalization and technological advancement has made the competition very intense between organizations and individuals in different fields of life, this has increased the need for learning and growth. The need for learning and growth is not limited to local market, each and every individual and organization all around the globe needs it. Learning and growth enhances the skills and capabilities of individuals which is good for their self growth and for the growth of the organization in which they are working as human resources are the ultimate source of profits. Learning and growth are supported by education and training, and the industry of training and development is rapidly growing (Report Linker, 2012) therefore there is an opportunity in the market for interested players to cater the growing need of learning and growth by offering training and education services. Although the training and education industry is complex in nature because of various players and variations in the operating styles but still there is space available in the market for new entrants. New learning and training techniques has fueled the growth of this industry and has allowed businesses to expand their operations nationwide and worldwide. Individuals seek for quality education and training therefore the scope of education and training can never be narrow down. The report will analyze the feasibility of opening a virtual training and education institute which will be focusing on the emerging needs of developing countries and to the local market through the virtual and modern techniques of learning and training; the institute would be operating in a niche, focusing on business administration and career development courses. PRODUCT OR SERVICE The thought of the business is to start a new training and education institute, Excellence institute of vocational and organizational training. The institute would be offering online vocational and official training to organizations and individuals through using virtual and electronic techniques of learning. It would be catering needs of those organizations and individuals who look for convenience and speedy service. Quality of education and training is the primary thing potential customers look for; therefore high quality service would be the primary objective of Excellence institute. Modern techniques of learning would support the fulfillment of primary objective. Various short and long courses and diplomas will be offered to the target market on different subjects in demand with in the field of business administration and career development which would be classified in following categories: Entrepreneurship Leadership Career development and planning Business, finance Human resource management Management (general) International business studies Administration, office skills ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Paper - Feasibility Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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