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The Knowledge gained from experience and education - Research Paper Example

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He describes it as the acquaintance with something or someone and it includes information, facts, descriptions and skills attained. Knowledge can either be explicit or implicit. It can…
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The Knowledge gained from experience and education
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Extract of sample "The Knowledge gained from experience and education"

Knowledge gained from Experience and Education Locke defined knowledge as the ‘perception of the agreement or disagreement of two ideas’. He describes it as the acquaintance with something or someone and it includes information, facts, descriptions and skills attained. Knowledge can either be explicit or implicit. It can be implicit where an individual has a practical expertise or skill while it can be explicit where an individual has a theoretical understanding of a subject (Locke, 1689, pp. 3-6).
Dissertation has been described by white as a long piece of academic document which is divided into chapters and submitted by a candidate presenting the student’s research and findings of a particular business or management subject. A dissertation shows that an individual can work alone and helps in the individual’s career development while assessing the skills and competencies (White, 2003, p.3).
All through my course work, I have learnt allot in the Human resources management; the role of human resources in competitive success, strategic human resource management and human resource planning, foundations of recruitment and selection and psychological perspectives of Human Resources Management, the foundations of performance management, managing compensation and rewards and the contemporary issues affecting human resources management. All these have enabled me have a greater understanding of Human resource management as a course. Each of these chapters and units have been accompanied and presented with a case study to better understand the concepts.
Since the main function and goal of the Human resources management of any company is to supervise the employees, I will be able to help the company attain its goals by maximizing on the employees capability and at the same time motivating them. This friendly environment will make the company soar into greater heights. The Human Resources department of any company brings all the employees together to be able to act as a team to achieve the desired goals. I have learnt that for a company to boost the employee loyalty, their basic employment needs and requirements need to be met in time. Such basic needs include timely release of the pay checks, provision of health benefits and salary increase.
I have also learnt that the Human resources department is concerned with the adherence to the corporate social responsibility (CRS) policies by showing the staff that they are highly appreciated and recognized.
I will be able to conduct my research through intensive research methodology which will enable me acquire information and conduct an in-depth analysis of my findings. I have learnt that I will be able to develop critical skills that would attract any employer. I have also known that I will be able to understand how to plan and organize the Human resources management and able to gather information analyze it and criticize it. I have also learnt that I will know how to identify the various problems and issues in the human resource management while employing logical thinking and improved on my communication skills (White, 2003, p. 3).
After analysis, the two kinds of knowledge are different. In our course work, we have only been able to identify the theoretical part of the human resources management. Our implicit knowledge has enabled me to be able to understand the way things need to be done. The theoretical explicit knowledge does not provide for alternatives for any possible solutions if any policy fails to apply but the implicit knowledge provides you with the platform to exercise the different alternatives which can work especially in solving critical issues (Huttenegger, 2009, p.17).
I have also noted that implicit knowledge sticks to the individuals mind more than the explicit knowledge. According to Huttenegger, this is because the implicit knowledge involves experiences which are better articulated into the mind than the theoretical learning in the course work (Huttenegger, 2009, pp. 16).
I will be able to articulate both implicit and explicit knowledge in the comprehension of Human Resources Management. They will all help me understand how to deal with various problems and know what works and what does not work.
Huttenegger Georg, 2009, Knowledge Management and Information Technology: Goals/ Problems, practical Approaches, and Proposal Solution, GRIN Verlag
Locke John, 2007, An Essay concerning Human understanding, T. Tegg and Son
White, B. 2003, Dissertation Skills: for Business and Management Students, Cengage Learning EMEA Read More
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