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King Arthur is 100% employee owned and this significantly impacts on the way a business operates. This business model is quite different from other conventional organizational models in that the employees at King Arthur are in full control of the operations of the…
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King Arthur Flour: Employee-centered corporate culture
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1. King Arthur is 100% employee owned and this significantly impacts on the way a business operates. This business model is quite different from other conventional organizational models in that the employees at King Arthur are in full control of the operations of the organization. They are the ones who determine the success or failure of this model since they are in full control of all its activities. They are motivated to put optimum effort in their work since they know that they are the ones who benefit at the end of the day. In other business models, employees are concerned with performing the work and they often do not have a stake in that particular business. In such a situation, employees can choose to move to other companies if they are not satisfied with the work. However, in this case, a sense of belong to the organization is created through ownership of the company which motivates the employees to work hard for its prosperity.
2. The perks for working at King Arthur Flour include free products and store discounts. Free products are meant to motivate the employees so that they can continue putting optimum effort in their work for the betterment of the company. Shop discounts are also intended to motivate the employees so that they can view themselves as very important to the organization. When employees in the company get some benefits for their sterling work, they are likely to be motivated such that they can do their best for the survival and sustainability of the company. The other benefit likely to be obtained by the employees at King Arthur is related to the aspect of profit sharing and bonuses when the company records high volumes of sales since they are the ones in control of everything.
3. I think King Arthur Flour is a great place to work because the environment is convenient and it is very friendly to all the employees. The workers can interact freely at their workplace and this helps to minimise the chances of conflicts among the workforce. The employees are also given the autonomy to make decisions in their operations and this significantly motivates them to put more effort in their work. The workers also get training and development in order to improve their knowledge as well as skills. This helps them to improve their performance. The workers are also motivated to work hard for the benefit of the company since they are in total control of its operations. The other reason why I would also like to work for this company is that the employees are treated as valuable assets to the organization. This entails that their needs are satisfied which helps to motivate them to work hard for the organization. I also think that my knowledge and skills in this particular industry will be improved if I get the opportunity to work for this particular company. Read More
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