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This paper presents business writing which is considered as the integral and primary part of the emerging corporate world of today. Effective and stupendous business writing is being deployed in almost every wealthy k of professional domain in order to enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge. …
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Business Writing
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Business writing is considered as the integral and primary part of the emerging corporate world of today. Effective and stupendous business writing is being deployed in almost every walk of professional domain in order to enhance productivity and gain competitive edge. From online marketing to business plans, business writing of sterling quality ensures to increase the corporate image of the company, individual or firm and gives the chance to elaborate the potential and hidden talents to the outside world. There are certain cardinals and necessary parts of business writing that are considered as a standard to follow, without which the business writing will lack any kind of conformity with the industrial and corporate demands and be considered feckless and expendable.
Business writing should be equipped with strong ideas that will constitute its main theme; ideas which can exploit the concept of social validation in the society and appeal to the reader. This will render reader’s mind with positive image of the addressed product, service or idea. Strong ideas will primarily focus on the magnitude of profit the client or end user will gain after buying the product about which the business writing is talking about. The potent and strong ideas at the start of the business writing will lay a durableand robust image in the reader’s mind that will get the attention and attract him. The style of writing will be alluring and enticing so that the reader can enjoy the writing as well as perceive it to be of his utility otherwise the reader will not bother to waste his time in any useless piece of paper (Benjamin, 90).
The business writing should also be logically organized and ordinal factor must be inculcated at every sentence. No word or sentence should be written without the reason and intent. The writer must ensure the smart deployment of the paragraphs and size factor. Similarly, the composition and categorization of paper must be sensible enough to manifest and parade a professional image to the reader. For example, the writing should give an introduction then explanation of the subject matter and then a short conclusion summarizing the intent and finding of the business writing. The structural dynamics of the business writing should be set according to the target audience but the common practice of good business writing is to follow the AIDA methodology which means;
A >Attention
I > Interest
D >Desire
A>Action (Geffner, 80)
The choice of words is of grave importance in business writing because words make the composition and structure of the paper. If the words are used in a very odd fashion which fails to attain or sustain the endearment of the reader then the objective of the writing will never be achieved. In the same way the structural backgrounds of the sentences should be smooth and contextual references must be maintained at every stage in order to make sense to every kind of reader. The presentation should also be very alluring and easily understandable for the reader.
Business writing should focus on the maximum use of anecdotes, statistics, reasoning, facts and figures to prove the intended goal of the writing. Business writing should depict a professional approach in the structure and discussion in order to effectively communicate the subject matter to the reader. It should be concise and self explanatory so that the layman can understand the theme of the writing and understand the addressed topic. Good business writing can increase the productivity of any organization and increase its market value.

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