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AmeriCares Association, Strengths and Weakness - Assignment Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that the Americares is a nonprofit organization that focuses on disaster relief and charitable support, and it offers an abrupt response to medical requirements during a crisis (AmeriCares, 2013)…
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AmeriCares Association, Strengths and Weakness
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Extract of sample "AmeriCares Association, Strengths and Weakness"

Download file to see previous pages The organization has strength associated with the ability to assemble product donations from the private sector, thereby determining the urgent needs and requesting financial support for sending aid through airlift or ocean cargo. The organization has health and welfare professionals who are deployed in impecunious areas faced by a need for medical support. Moreover, Americares applies a model, which is tested, cost-effective and driven by experience (AmeriCares, 2013). On the other hand, they have high accessibility to donated medicines and medical supplies offered by corporate partners, through an established and trusted network. In this case, they use locally based hospitals and healthcare providers in different places of the world. Contributions made by supporters of the organization around the world have a led to a positive influence on their operations in different parts of the world.
The only weakness identified in the organization relates to the inability to access people suffering in some counties due to lack of information, high level of insecurity or lack of necessary capacity (AmeriCares, 2013). Most of the time, the organization is not able to access some these location due to lack of the necessary information that can assist in accessing these areas.
Opportunities of Americare can be associated with long-standing commitment of fiscal responsibility that is always attributed to high rankings from the Charity Navigator for their success (AmeriCares, 2013). This provides a platform that facilitates recognition by different parties from different places of the world with the same interest in assisting people in needs. Therefore, the organization is able to acquire trust in terms of management of funds donated by corporate partners. In fact, the organization has used the donations as an opportunity to reflect their commitment towards support programs, whereby ninety-eight of their expenses are directly channeled to relief for people in need, while two percent is consumed through administrative costs.       ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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