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Operations manager & project management tools - Essay Example

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An operations manager “usually prepares program budgets, facilitates several programs around the company, controls inventory, handles logistics and interviews and supervises employees” (Binkley). A project manager supervises a project from its conception through to its…
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Operations manager & project management tools
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Extract of sample "Operations manager & project management tools"

15 September Operations manager & project management tools An operations manager “usually prepares program budgets, facilitates several programs around the company, controls inventory, handles logistics and interviews and supervises employees” (Binkley). A project manager supervises a project from its conception through to its execution and then finalization. The methodology of a project tells the manager activities that need to be done. Methodology covers a project from its conception till its culmination. The methodology describes all steps that are involved in the life cycle of a project, thus a project manager exactly knows the tasks that are to be completed and the sequence in which they are to be done. The methodology of a project enables a project manager to finish the project as early as possible, whether the manager is a novice or an expert (MPMM).
A project manager makes use of a methodology in order to keep the projects going as per the schedule and conforming to the standards of quality required by the client. Methodology also helps a project manager structure the project in a way that it becomes more manageable. Methodology applied on a particular project can be used for many projects of similar nature, thus becoming a process as more and more projects are executed. Methodologies involved in a project include but are not limited to conduction of feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, designing, risk assessment, cost assessment, obtainment of insurance coverage, selection of staff, space management, organization, project execution, leading and controlling. All of these are a necessary part of the management of any project. There is also a whole range of project management tools including basic project management applications, wiki-based project management, ticket and bug tracking, conferencing and collaboration, invoicing and time tracking (Chapman). Likewise, an operations manager needs to use all these methodologies to conduct the operation. In fact, execution of a project of any nature is an operation in itself. Thus, a project manager and operations manager can be used interchangeably.
A task does not necessarily have to be called a project in order for project management methods to be very useful in its planning and implementation. Even the smallest task can benefit from the use of a well-chosen project management technique or tool, especially in the planning stage. (Chapman).
In order to make the operation cost effective, an operations manager needs to assess the risks involved in the work prior to the commencement of the work. Taking proactive measures to cater for the risks experienced in past projects of similar nature helps the operations manager reduce the costs of the project. The reduction of cost because of mitigated risks results in the improvement of project’s efficiency. As a result of this, the operations manager is able to finish the work as per the schedule originally designed and hence, gains competitive advantage over others.
In light of the points discussed in this paper, I agree with the statement that the operations manager must acquire and use project management concepts and methodologies to ensure that the organization remains cost effective and competitive.
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