An individual management report analysing how operations management is conceived, supported, delivered and developed: Apple Inc - Coursework Example

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Nevertheless, not only because of its roots but also because of the area, it covers, and the knowledge and the skills gained from the study. This report reviews on operations management…
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An individual management report analysing how operations management is conceived, supported, delivered and developed: Apple Inc
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Extract of sample "An individual management report analysing how operations management is conceived, supported, delivered and developed: Apple Inc"

Download file to see previous pages later the founders incorporated the company like Apple Computer Inc on 3rd Jan 1977. The company also sells related software, services, peripherals, and applications globally directly, online, either in its retail stores or through third-party cellular network carriers and other intermediaries.
According to Jones & Robinson (5), operations management is the planning and organizing the production of manufactured goods and delivery of services. One can define Operations management as an art or as a science. It involves working with things and with people with certainties, probabilities, and possibilities. Being a science, it involves understanding the techniques, processes and tools. The art is in applying them effectively within the context of people who provide and process the inputs to achieve the desired output. Operations management in an organization is a complicated issue. The purpose of operations management is to utilize the all the available productive resources.
To understand how Apple Inc conceives its operations management, it is worth looking at its organizational structure. Apple’s organizational structure has been changing from time to time, with the current change made in year 2010. In the current structure, Apple Inc hired a new vice president who will be reporting directly to Tim Cook. The company also gave Paul Deneve the responsibility for special projects and should report directly to Tim Cook. This shows that the organizational structure in Apple Inc is a centralized one where every function of the company rotates around the chief executive role as illustrated in the figure below.
Kamauff (10), notes that operations management is a functional area just like marketing, finance and human resources in most organizations. It has the responsibility of making long-term strategic long-term decisions that affect the entire organization. Those decisions must be in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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