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Some of the important aspects of the software project management - Essay Example

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This discussion will present the use of planning tools (software products to help managers develop WBS, NW diagrams, cost/effort/time estimation, etc.) for software project management. The researcher will offer an analysis of the cost estimation techniques. …
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Some of the important aspects of the software project management
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Extract of sample "Some of the important aspects of the software project management"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that a software development process or project is initiated to achieve some specific objectives for instance development of a software application to improve the performance of an organization or building a software application to meet users’ requirements. Nowadays, software development firms complete software development processes in the form of projects, which are effectively controlled and managed through an appropriate method acknowledged as software project management. Basically, the process of software project management involves a variety of tasks which are closely connected with each other. And the success or failure of one task can have a significant influence on other tasks. In this scenario, software project management is a systematic method for managing, controlling and setting up project tasks and resources from its beginning to completion. In addition, these resources and tasks can be divided into different stages depending on the size of a project. These stages could be initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and completion or termination of the project. In reality, this standard method of the project management can be used to manage any kind of project, because its fundamental goal is to organize the different tasks of project development. On the other hand, the emergence of the latest tools and technologies to manage software projects has not only changed the traditional software development practices but as well modernized them to make them more efficient. These tools allow us for rapid data processing, quick and automated project planning, digital cost planning and estimation, and so on (Project Shrink Publishing, 2012; Hughes & Cotterell, 2005). This report will present a detailed analysis of some of the important aspects of the software project management. We will divide this discussion into two sections. In the first section we will discuss the use of planning tools (software products to help managers develop WBS, NW diagrams, cost/effort/time estimation, etc.) for software project management. In the second section, we will offer an analysis of the cost estimation techniques. Introduction to Software Project Management Software project management is a kind of plan administration that pays attention especially on developing and organizing software projects. Simply like there are billions of ice cream tastes, there are billions of kinds of software systems. However, efficient and successful project managers are able to defeat them both. In software project management, a project normally is a provisional attempt to produce an exclusive service or product. In addition, for the majority of IT people, everything is a project; on the other hand, others believe that projects are particular and high level tasks that happen occasionally. In fact, a project is an exclusive thing. Alternately, the formation of a new implementation is exclusive, while the preservation and everyday support of an existing application is not accordingly exclusive (Tomayko & Hallman, 1989; Luckey & Phillips, 2006). Moreover, a lot of researchers believe that project management is simply a set of a wide variety of tasks and activities that are distributed to a number of people by a responsible authority normally acknowledged as a project manager. Additionally, in efficient project management there is no space for goobers. In addition, the successful project management focuses on serious trade of receiving work performed on time, within allocated budget and according to client’s needs and requirements. Furthermore, the successful project management involves various other attributes such as leadership, execution and owning the project capacity. Also, it is an excellent response to sign off on the project and know that we and our project team play a significant role in the project’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my essay. "Some of the important aspects of the software project management" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of closing part was valuable.

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