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The writer of this paper states that Censuses have been conducted since the earliest of times. This shows that a census is valuable for a nation. This importance arises from the need to plan and budget. The significance of a census lies in its accuracy…
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The U.S. Bureau Field Data Collection Project
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The hand-held computers are assets on their own and these, in turn, have the potential to save the nation billions of dollars if used correctly. The whole process of acquiring new computers was done haphazardly. How can people be given expensive computers to use if they do not even know how to use them? The management is to blame for this. The new devices should be dispatched under the supervision of management then workshops should be held in order to train the employees how to use them.

Some census officials are considering a return to pen and paper. This idea is impractical and absurd. There is a very good reason why billions of dollars have been invested to purchase handheld computers. The U.S. has millions of people and it is impractical for each man, woman, and child to be hand-counted. People nowadays travel, migrate and some areas are inaccessible. Only a computer is reliable and efficient in these circumstances. Read More
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