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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - Essay Example

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The paper throws light on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), an agency of the United States Department of Justice. This organ is responsible for investigating crimes as under the Major Crimes Act. This project was begun in 1908 with the increasing rate of crimes. …
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that despite the presence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US have been faced by many crimes that have not been researched on to get helpful information. Many of these crimes have been cases of terrorism. Terrorism has really threatened the security in United States. All the presidents in the country have been addressing this issue. This is evident from the efforts of Barrack Obama to capture Osama bin Laden, one of the most notorious terrorists who hit US. There are some causes of failures of the projects like inefficiency technology; lack of trained personnel; lack of funds; and lack of corporation from other organs. There are reports that are given on this agency an annual basis giving some recommendations that have to be implemented but this has not been enough since there is much information that the urgency not yet has about terrorism. There are some recommendations that may act as long-term solutions to this basing them on the ways of improving efficiency of a project as it is in project management. The FBI as an agency of investigation on major crimes in the United States has been successful in different ways. It is the expectation of everyone that US, the most powerful country in the world, has all possible ways of ensuring security of its people. This has not been the case since security in its states has been threatened occasionally through some major crimes. They have increased their technology for instance introduction of DNA tests, fingerprint tracking, among other technologies that are used in crime investigation. (Jenkins, 2005, p.13). Despite the many achievements the FBI has, it has not been able to end and get enough information on some major crimes like terrorism. Terrorism has been a challenge to the agency and this is observable from the chronology of terrorist attacks from 1995. However, they have been successful on some terrorist activities; there are some that they still lack information on. This does not mean that the agency is a failure. There is a need to find out the causes of such challenges and give recommendations. The recommendations should be different from the ones that are given at the end of each year in such a way that they give long-term solutions. The agency has been regularly financed thus it becomes a surprise what the problem could really be. Analysis of FBI Database Project FBI as an agency of investigation has not been able to get information on some major issues like terrorism. It has been faced by some challenges that are expected in any project. Terrorism is one area in which the agency has failed. They lack much information on the issue and this has seen the rise of terrorist attacks over the years. However, they have not sat back to watch this happen, most of the measures that they have put to fight this have not bore any fruits. Forensic sciences are one of the fields they have advanced in to carry out investigation. They have been able to use some forensic technologies like fingerprints to track nagging criminals. This has however been successful with minor crimes within the states like robbery and murder but it has not helped much to get adequate on some major crimes like terrorism. This is what has led to negative judgments of their performance from different parties. They cannot despair since it is connected directly with the people’s lives on this project. There are some reasons that have been highlighted in different publications, in speeches, in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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