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What were the critical success factors allowing the corporate venture between SAS and IranAir to succeed - Essay Example

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The article Turbulent flight fro Airbus states that the most modern management innovations around the world and the practical implications from such cutting-edge technology shows that time has often been on the side of Airbus. …
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What were the critical success factors allowing the corporate venture between SAS and IranAir to succeed
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Extract of sample "What were the critical success factors allowing the corporate venture between SAS and IranAir to succeed"

Download file to see previous pages The professional article Customer Focused Service Development in Practice – Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) by Guustafsson, Ekdahl and Edvarsson shows that Scandinavian Airlines System is currently improving its face value by implementing many dramatic changes. This changes were to keep up with the competition’s services. For, the current and prospective customers of Scandinavian Airline System had seriously impressed their demands and complaints that has forced the administration of SAS to dance to the music of the customers. Historically, many airline companies have closed their ears to the suggestions and recommendations of the flying public. Many airline companies feel that they are too engrossed in their stagnant self–centered theory that the Airline companies should build a fence to cut off the customer’s complaints and suggestions. Surprisingly, SAS had a questionnaire survey to ferret out the complaints and suggestions from current and prospective customers. Based on results of their survey questions, the new company policy is to prioritize implement programs that the current and prospective clients want in order to increase airline sales. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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