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Comparison of Walmart and Target Policies and Practices - Term Paper Example

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The author states that the retail chain sector (especially supermarkets) is one of the most scrutinized sectors of the economy. This paper looks at the ethical and environmental practices and policies of the top two retail chains in the United States of America; Walmart and Target Corporation. …
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Comparison of Walmart and Target Policies and Practices
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Extract of sample "Comparison of Walmart and Target Policies and Practices"

Download file to see previous pages Walmart has one of the most elaborate ethical policies within the industry. Part of the reason for this is that Walmart has a tendency of issuing new ethical policies after facing a legal crisis or a new challenge. For instance, in the year 2005, the company issued a lengthy policy statement after ousting seven managers that had been working for the company. The company's policy statement outlined some of the obligations that employees are required to adhere to when dealing with clients. Walmart is very strict about the personal conduct of its staff members within the employee-customer relationship. Employees are required to exercise honesty, respect, and good judgment. ...
This area is especially sensitive because other firms in the retail sector have spent millions of dollars in lawsuits due to non-adherence to accounting ethics and practices. The company asserts that accountants who fail to hold utmost accounting practices will be ousted out of their positions with immediate effect.
Walmart also covers ethics in staff employment practices as the company also extends its social responsibility to employees within the company. For instance, all workplace benefits relating to married couples have also been extended to gay unions. Additionally, the company believes in the fact that no employee should be discriminated upon. The same policy also applies to clients. All clients in Walmart ought to be treated in a manner that is sensitive and respectful; the company will not tolerate any cases of racism, gender bias or any other sort of discrimination. On top of this, the company believes in meeting its obligations towards its employees by giving them their due payments and benefits.
Walmart firmly believes that all of its stakeholders should exercise corporate responsibility and share many similar values.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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