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Management of Information Systems - Essay Example

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A productive and efficient development and implementation of information systems (IS) necessitates a thorough recognition and identification of success factors, which assure an optimal sustainability and success. A timely recognition of such success factors makes it certain that the system does not have to bear with costly mistakes and streamlines the way innovations and changes are introduced and managed within a system (Bussler 27)…
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Management of Information Systems
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Download file to see previous pages 2. B2B systems can be operated in accordance within the budgetary constraints of the businesses, which may vary from being substantial, little or even minimal (Linthicum 36). Hence, B2B systems are extremely flexible and can adapt to varied resource allocations.
2. B2B systems being technology dependent are highly vulnerable to technology constraints. Thus, technical problems may jeopardize a BTB e-commerce system, which may directly translate into a loss of the potential customers (Linthicum 41).
1. The customers can shop and at any time, in the convenience of their own premises, without having to resort to the botheration of moving out and exerting themselves. In that context, B2B systems qualify to be called 24-hour shops.
3. B2B commerce systems tend to be the ultimate hassle free venues, un-necessitating all the exertion of haggling with salespersons, moving from one shop to other and other such related inconveniences.
1. Security is the primary concern why customers tend to avoid B2B e-commerce systems (Linthicum 16). Such systems are many times vulnerable to data theft, thereby leading to swindles, frauds, scams and financial losses.
2. B2B e-commerce systems not backed by efficient after sales and customer services leave the customers unsatisfied and worried. Customers often find it hard to get the required information and help in a prompt and efficient manner.
A B2B e-commerce system can avoid the usual and specific problems and can immensely improve itself to face challenges by recognizing and well managing the Critical Success Factors (CSF) (Aggestam & Soderstrom 102). Thus, any possible strategy for improvement should not only identify and prioritize the associated Critical Success Factors (CSF), but should look to it that the identified factors tend to be few and manageable. Such an approach brings in an element of organization and orderliness in the overall task of system management, but also helps avoiding the allocation of scarce resources to ignorable and less crucial problems.
The lessons learned from the failed projects can prove to be a rich source of necessary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management of Information Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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