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Strategic Management of Information Systems - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Strategic Management of Information Systems" focuses on the fact that strategic management of information systems entails the development and management of systems viewed as important in achieving the overall objectives and goals of an organisation. …
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Strategic Management of Information Systems
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management of Information Systems"

Download file to see previous pages In the contemporary business world, it is almost impossible to ignore the importance of information systems in strategic management. Organisations today require information systems to remain relevant in the business world since they provide strategic opportunities (Daniels 1998, p. 167).
Different departments in organisations are now relying on information systems to enhance efficiency and improve business effectiveness. The managerial tasks in the business world today have become complex and this means that the information systems that are used also have to change to meet the demands of an organisation. As such, it has become a necessity for organisations to engage in strategic management of IS (Daniels 1998, p. 170).
This paper provides a critical analysis of the role that porter’s strategic advantage competitive theory play in the development of strategic management of IS. In addition, this paper also looks at the significance of studying and reviewing porter’s competitive advantage since it can be used as a model for the strategic management of IS. To this end, three important research questions and problems have been identified with regard to the study of strategic management of IS. On the other hand, a literature review related to the topic at hand is important in providing empirical evidence on the key issues that the topic discusses.
The key findings identified in this paper are derived from researches in an attempt to understand their implication in the strategic management of IS. Other than the key findings, this paper also looks at the limitations associated with this study and presents a recommendation for further research on the same topic. The conclusion in this paper draws attention to a summary of the key points mentioned and described in this study.
This topic brings the attention of readers to the importance of information systems in an organisational setup, and how it has evolved over the years. Information systems denote the number of measures that are geared towards improving efficiency in an organisation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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