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Start-up business support - Essay Example

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This presentation is to outline the benefits that the SUBS is out to bring to our region. The main problem of this region has been the issue of unemployment. The problem of unemployment has brought untold hardship to families and individuals. Mostly affected are the youths who hardly get jobs to do after spending years in the colleges and universities acquiring knowledge and skills.
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Start-up business support
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"Start-up business support"

Download file to see previous pages [2] POVERTY REDUCTION: Since poverty is the offspring of unemployment, the issue of poverty in many homes and communities will be dealt with to a reasonable level as to bring relief to such families, individuals and communities.
[3] AREA OF PRIORITY: Apart from the individual or group business ideas, there are some important areas and business ideas we must give priority to ahead of others. these are the areas we believe will impact very positively in the lives of the people of this region. Major among these include, but not limited to:
[i] AGRICULTURE: For a long time, this region has expected a programme of this nature to come into being to enable us bring up the matter of food production. food security is important in every community. this region is noted for being endowed with fertile lands, good rain full throughout the year. Other facilities that will aid agricultural activities are dams and river basins for irrigation during the off season of rains.
The new government policy on agriculture and food security in the next couple of years us a good motivation to the people in this region to embrace mass production of various agricultural produce and agricultural derivatives.
People and young graduates want to go into agricultural businesses, but the snag has been how to go about it. Under this sector, SUBS shall consider entrepreneurs whose business ideas correspond with agriculture and agriculture related projects.
In view of this, we tend to give priority attention to the following projects if anyone or organization proposes or presents any of them to us for start-up and support:
[1] Mass production of cassava and cassava end products
[2] Mass production of wheat and wheat end products
[3] Mass production of yam tubers and derivatives
[4] Mass production of maize and by products
[5] Mass production of rice grains and by products
[6] Mass production of cowpea and by products
[7] Mass production of groundnuts and by-products
[8] Mass production of cotton and by-products
[9] Mass production of fish
[10] Mass production of poultry
[11] Mass production of cattle and by-products
There will also be consideration for such agriculture related businesses as production of fertilizer, fabrication and procurement of agricultural equipment and implements, cassava chips and starch, maize starch for the Pharmaceutical industry and other end users. From cassava there shall be extraction and production of ethanol for the industries that use them. This will also extend to the production of various types of gums and stickers.
There will be corn, cassava and rice flours for the industries that require them for their products. Also production of vegetable oil, garri processing, textile milling, leather products from sheep, goats and cattle, then soap and detergent from palm fruits and kernels, Cocoa butter and palm kernel cake for export and local use.
These shall be the priority areas that will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Start-up Business Support Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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