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On an entrepreneur - John P Morgan - Speech or Presentation Example

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Your Copy of the Speech: One of the Greatest Tycoons of the Gilded Age When we hear about the great Barons of the Gilded Age, during the years that formed and shaped this country, we often think of poor youths whose struggles made them successful millionaires…
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Presentation on an entrepreneur - John P Morgan
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Extract of sample "On an entrepreneur - John P Morgan"

Download file to see previous pages He was schooled in both Switzerland and Germany. He excelled in mathematics. When he was sixteen he joined a branch of the bank in London and brought it to greater success. As time went on he continued to meet with unending business and financing success. He financed the United States railroad, which would change the country forever. He established U.S. Steel and General Electric, not to mention numbers of other lucrative ventures. He was an avid art collector and philanthropist. In fact, he once gave $550,000 a month to the U.S. to pay its Civil War Military, he also, helped, decades later in avoiding a serious economic crash in 1907 (Crovitz 1). On more than one occasion he used his money and influence to make things happen that the government just did not or could not. They resented him for his interference, making them look bad, and believed his actions were no more than a display of power (Bowen). Towards the latter part of his life Morgan gained a great deal of stock in the RMS Titanic. In fact he was expected to join its maiden voyage; there was even a customized quarters designed just for him. The room even included the specially designed holders for his cigars in the bathtub. However, Morgan changed his mind and did not board the Titanic. Had he boarded that ship he might have only lived another few days (Daugherty 4). Today when you hear the name J.P. Morgan most people assume you re referring to the banking institution not the man. But the man behind the name was a quite the person. History will remark him as one of the greatest, wealthiest, and most influential men of his time, like his peers Andrew Carnegie, Jay Gould, and John D, Rockefeller (O'Kelley 1011). These men lived in a time when they had the freedom to throw their money, influence, and power as they saw fit. Although J.P. Morgan made a clear effort to give of his wealth and expertise, in the modern world today we would fear anyone having the genuine power and control that these men had then. However, if they had not lived and taken it upon themselves to build the United States as they did, regardless of the reasons, it might not be the country we have today. We owe a great deal to all of the visionaries that came before us. Name: Date: Audience take away: A greater understanding go f the life and times of Gilded Age tycoon J.P. Morgan. Title: One of the Greatest Tycoons of the Gilded Age 3 Key ideas: 1. Biographical history of JP Morgan’s early childhood and young adulthood. 2. Discuss his accomplishments in business 3. Reiteration of accomplishments and legacy. 3 Key questions: 1. Did J.P. Morgan’s childhood influence him in adulthood? Answer: Yes he was born and bred to be a banker. He was born into affluence and worked very hard throughout his life to make certain he stayed that way. 2. Why was J.P. Morgan so disliked within political circles? Answer: He was disliked in political circles because he often used his money and influence to step in when the government was struggling; which gave him great advantage, but, also, made the government look bad (Bowen). 3. What was his part in the 1907 economic scare? Answer: He, essentially, saved the U.S. economy by providing funds and resources to maintain the government and avoid a serious depression. (Bowen) 3 Stories: Story 1 In 1907 J.P. Morgan took it upon himself to find a solution to the credit crisis, a crisis not unlike the one we began in 2008. Morgan’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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