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Factors that Affect Job Performance - Research Paper Example

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Factors that Affect Job Performance Name: Institution: I. Introduction Other than the overall oversight of the organization’s affairs, management team takes into consideration performance of employees in order to accomplish overall goals and objectives of the organization…
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Factors that Affect Job Performance
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Download file to see previous pages Factors affecting employee performance include internal factors and can easily be controlled by the management, while the external factors happen outside the organization but affect the organization in one way or another. Exemplary performance by employees is attributed to positive factors that include conducive work environment, effective and efficient skills, proper management team and encouragement among others. In every organization, there exists positive and negative factor, both of which contribute to performance of employees. Positive factors can be maintained within the organization and improved, whereas the management can eradicate negative factors. II. Managerial Standards In an organization, the management team is charged with the responsibility of ensuring proper allocation of resources and tasks to achieve goals and objectives of the organization (Spector, 2008). The managerial team within the organization controls particular sections or departments within the organization. As the head of a department or a section, the manager implements short term objectives and strategies to help him or her achieve overall goals of the organization. While executing these functions, they encounter various barriers along the way. The quality of managerial standards is defined by the ability of the management team to overcome these challenges while at the same time ensuring conducive work environment to employees (p. 115). The quality of management influences job performance either positively or negatively depending on various factors. For instance duties assigned to employees on the basis of their skills and knowledge leads to positive results, hence good performance. On the contrary, managers may assign jobs to employees regardless of their academic qualification and too many and high expectations (p. 115). Assigning tasks to employees not in line with their academic qualifications, skills and experience leads to stress leading to poor performance. Too many and high expectations tend to cause panic and stress among employees, hence poor performance. This not only serves as frustration to the management but also demoralizes employees, hence further decline in the performance of the overall organization (p. 116). III. Motivation Motivation depicts measures that the organization can implement to improve employees’ morale in performing their duties. There exists various forms of motivation that when implemented by the management, can help boost and improve job performance. Motivated employees feel part of the organization as their contribution is counted as a significant portion towards the organization’s success. In organization where employees are not given any form of motivation, there are delays in all departments among other fouls resulting to poor job performance. These employees feel excluded and undervalued as there are no incentives given for them to work hard (p. 114). IV. Conducive Environment A favorable work environment entails provision of suitable conditions within the organization. The management should work towards provision of acceptable working conditions that allow employees carry out their duties effectively (p. 118). For instance, each job should be allocated to enough time and employees provided with the right king of equipment to help them accomplish various tasks assigned. The management should take correctional measures to provide employees with an environment that is free from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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