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Question set 2 Style Approach The leadership style approach seems to be different from that are skill approach and trait approach. The skill approach basically focuses on the competency of the leaders and the trait approach emphasizes the personality of the leaders…
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Question set 2
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Download file to see previous pages The behavior can be further distilled into two forms which are initiating structure also referred to as task behavior and consideration, referred to as relationship behavior. The task behavior makes it easier for the subordinates to accomplish the set goals as well as objectives and relationship behavior makes things easier for the subordinates in the context in which they tend to operate with other members of the organization. The main objective of the leadership style approach is to help in the understanding of how leaders integrate the two broad concepts of behavior in order to influence the group member positively to achieve organizational and personal goals and objectives. Steps to Effectiveness Two key steps that leadership should take in order to be effective are vision and communication. However, in order to be effective leader one should have good followers. Let us assume that I am the follower of an organization like Tesco and according to me the leadership style approach is the most appropriate. Leadership style refers to process in which leader’s tends to behave towards their followers. In addition the leadership style is a combination of skill, trait and behavior which leaders use in the process of interacting with the followers. In the leadership style approach behavior is an important component as it is consistent with the pattern of behavior which characterizes a leader. To be led by example is important for a follower as the followers tends to observe the behavior of the leader and thus copy it (Lussier & Achua, 2009, p.70). This way, the most correct and appropriate way of leading will be through leadership style approach. Leader Skills Technosoft Russia Ivan Chalkovsky the sales and marketing head at Technosoft Russia had one most important tasks of deciding on the use of appropriate database for the purpose of sales and marketing activities. Although the SMB of Chalkovsky had good support from the database he was worried about potential clients who were not passed to the resellers and as a result lead referral system was created and latter replaced by SMSS. The lead referral system faced issues with resolving the task of monitoring and following with the leads. Chalkovsky wanted to make use of telesales in order to follow and generate leads and also make use of “one-to-many” model of telesales where the TSR had a given territory to generate sales and create long term relationship with its customers. The marketing manager realized that the sale team needed a team leader and thus Peterson was appointed for the same. However it can be seen that the TRA were not satisfied with her as only 5TSRs filled up the form in favor of Peterson. Thus is Peterson would have provided with proper training in managerial skills and how to handle a team the result would have been different. Proper training was missing, support from the management as well as the TSRs team was lacking leading to low popularity of Peterson. Elite, Inc As Benson took over the position of CEO with Elite Inc. she faced many challenges from Jake who was the CFO of Elite Inc. Jake did not have qualify for the position of CEO as the company thought he lacked leadership skills and as a result Benson had to face challenges. The projects given to Jack were never completed on time and also received late night emails from Jake with regards to work which could have been done during the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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