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Strategic Management: Strategic Choices Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Mission of TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) mission is to develop the soldier, train and educate the soldiers, the leaders and the civilians; supports unit training, designs, integrates and builds a versatile mix of formations, capabilities and equipment in order to strengthen the US Army (TRADOC, 2012)…
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Strategic Management: Strategic Choices
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the three strategic options for TRADOC are as follows: Deliver training and education This option consists of actions in order to support the operations by providing training and education, development of leaders and soldiers, inculcation of Army professionals and deliver the top quality of “Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIIM)” education and training to the partners. The objective is to recognize and adapt to change and provide flexibility to nation, sustain with the current fight and this ensure credibility of the nation. TRADOC develops designs as well as delivers the best quality of education and training for the soldiers and leaders of Army and integrates an adaptable organization into operational environment to provide direction to the future force. Design the force The Army is well designed as well as integrated to address the global requirements of the future across DOTMLPF. TRADOC produces holistic design to provide the nation with decisive force who is capable of winning in complex environment; effective capabilities which are developed through agile process along with innovative concepts; revolutionized learning and training methods and relevant principle along with versatile units which are capable across military operations. Drive change TRADOC is transformed and aims to lead the Army in Institutional Adaptability. It consists of the internal and external tasks, process and actions which are required to support as well as transform the force and make the unit effective, efficient, responsive and adaptable (TRADOC-a, n.d). Generic Strategies The three strategic choices of TRADOC cannot be categorized into any of the generic strategies determined by Porter as the generic strategies focus on business and organization which runs with a motive to earn profits. Neither the cost leadership, nor differentiation nor focus strategy is applicable to the mission and vision of TRADOC. But the comparison between business strategy and military are common with business analysts because of the similarity between them. The analysts compare the circumstances and resources with the business environment and with the battlefield situation which the strategists are able to visualize and play out the various options (Eastwood, Jensen & Jordon, 2008, p.91). SWOT perspective From SWOT perspective, TRADOC has well capitalized on the strength. Strength of TRADOC lies on its training and development programs given to the army in order to fight back threats and provide the nation with decisive force who is capable of winning in complex environment. By meanings of providing training, designing the force and driving change TRADOC aims to shore up the weakness and also exploit the opportunities. In the era of technology, the TRADOC should also keep itself updates with respect to technology as it plays vital role in the military area. TRADOC strives to improve its “Technology Information Exchange (TIE) program” (FBO, 2010) and it can prove to be weakness for the organization. Military unit usually faces threats from external forces attacking the nation and TRADOC has been trying to protect the nation with skilled army and leaders and lead military unit in the complex environment and survive strategically. These are the three strategic options which are undertaken by TRADOC aim to capitalize the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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