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MGT499 Mod 5 SLP - Strategic Management: Strategic Choices and Implementation - Thesis Example

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If well drafted and presented to the right investors, it can be the genesis of turn around of events in a business environment. Following my research, I have documented…
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MGT499 Mod 5 SLP - Strategic Management: Strategic Choices and Implementation
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Extract of sample "MGT499 Mod 5 SLP - Strategic Management: Strategic Choices and Implementation"

Download file to see previous pages It was founded as a family business back in 1806 by William Colgate. In 1928 it merged with the Palmolive Peet hence called Colgate Palmolive Company. It was first listed on the NewYork stock exchange in March 1930. Among its competitors, it has the largest resource base across the globe and it commands presence in every corner of the world.
Colgate Palmolive Company’s mission is statement is object oriented. It revolves around cost reductions and ability to provide sustainable and reliable oral health care to the world. Owing to the cost reduction, it means that in the long run the cost of production will be low and thus more earnings for the company. The issue of creating goodwill among the consumers on Colgate’s products will increase their loyalty which means that even in times of economic recession, the earning potential for the company won’t be much affected. Thus as an investor your interests will be well taken care of and you can expect high returns on your investment (ROI).
The company’s vision is all about innovation. In the modern world, without innovative products and ways of production, the companies are quickly finding themselves sinking into oblivion. With Colgate Company, their innovativeness has always been consistent and is evidenced by the creative products they avail to the market. Examples are the Colgate herbal and Colgate teeth whitener. As an investor, this is one of the few companies in the world you can comfortably invest your money without fear of the organization’s oblivion and/or products redundancy in the market.
The consistency of the Colgate’s values, mission and vision with the stakeholder’s expectations is another absolute advantage that any investor can count on. The cost reductions and the innovativeness means the company will be in a position to retain the current clientele base and attract more customers. Thus in the long run the stakeholders will be contented ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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