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Case Analysis on Hornell Brewing - Essay Example

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Case Analysis Name:_ Read through the case. In the table below, identify twenty relevant stakeholders and their stakes. Case 5: Inside Canada, China Asserts Itself Stakeholders Stakes Stakeholders Stakes 1. Chinese investors Financial, Legal 11…
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Case Analysis on Hornell Brewing
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Download file to see previous pages Canadian competitors Financial, Market 15. Academe Social, Reputation 6. Native Americans Financial, Legal, Reputation 16. The Local Community Financial, Market Stability 7. Lawyers of Chinese investors Financial, Legal 17. The Global Community Financial, Market Stability 8. Chinese investing public Financial 18. Future Generations Financial, Market Stability, Social 9. Canadian entrepreneurs Financial 19. American competitors Financial, Market Stability, Social 10. American Entrepreneurs Financial 20. Legal, Social a.) Please identify two pairs of stakeholders with opposing interests/stakes and describe briefly how they conflict. The Chinese investors want them to be represented by Chinese nationals as they do business in Canadian and American soil. This, in turn, will have a conflicting interest with Canadian and American representatives because this would mean taking away jobs from them. Also, one aspect of the business is that Chinese investors are looking for start-up businesses that involve natural resources project and take them over. This presents conflict to Canadian and American interests because Chinese are not known to be respectful of the environment when they conduct evident with the disregard of their industrial plants to environment back in China. What makes the issue worrisome is that these Chinese investors are looking for Chinese nationals who might connived with them comparing to Canadian and American representatives who have genuine regard for the Canadian and American environment because it is their environment. b.) Please identify two pairs of stakeholders with shared interests/stakes and describe briefly how they might benefit from coordinating their interests. The Chinese investors and their representatives have a common interest of making money in the projects that they will be involved in. The investors return for their investments and the representatives, stability of employment and there could even be bonuses. Using information from the case, propose recommendations for possible business activities that promote LONG-TERM enrichment for each of the following stakeholders: customers Chinese investors must ensure that they follow all the government regulations about using the natural resources in their projects. News about abuse in the environment can make Canadian and American customers jittery and they are not that tolerant to environment abuse compared to Chinese. shareholders Chinese investors must make sure that their business practices are ethical and legal to make their fellow shareholders feel confident about their business in foreign soil (Canada and America). If the investors get involved in any form of environmental abuse, investors will divert their investors to other business. the natural environment It is highly suggested that Chinese investors be represented by local Canadians and Americans for the general public become more confident about their operations that involve the environment. Also, their operations will have a greater probability that it is in accordance with Canadian and American laws because of the representatives’ familiarity not only with the local law but also on the local perspective on how to treat the environment. Chinese are not known for being sensitive about the environment. the local community Chinese investors must be transparent in their operations to have the confidence of local community. If the local community protests their presence and operation, it would make their business very difficult. It may even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Analysis on Hornell Brewing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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