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Sales Staffs Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of BJC HealthCare Company by Sudthanom - Research Paper Example

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 This research paper "Sales Staff’s Job Satisfaction " represents a case study analysis of job satisfaction. The discussion relates to the study’s inclusion of motivator and hygiene factors in relation to Herzberg theory of job satisfaction in BJC Health Care Company. …
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Sales Staffs Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of BJC HealthCare Company by Sudthanom
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Extract of sample "Sales Staffs Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of BJC HealthCare Company by Sudthanom"

Download file to see previous pages The motivator factors identified are responsibility, recognition, promotion, intrinsic aspect of the job and achievement. Hygiene factors include salary, supervision, security, and relationships with colleagues. In comparison to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the self-actualization needs are similar to Herzberg’s two-factor theory (Werner & DeSimone, 2009). This is because they can be satisfied by challenging, stimulating and absorbing work. The hygiene factors in the Herzberg’s two-factor theory correlate with safety, physiological and belonging needs. They postulate that the deficiency and hygiene needs should be satisfied before an employee is motivated by higher needs. Therefore, the hygiene factors represent the needs to avoid physical harm or pain while motivator needs represent the needs for self-actualization. The research questions posed in the study relate to issues such as the variety of tasks, promotional opportunities, the coworkers and rate of pay among others. Background Information Employees cannot deliver as expected if they are not satisfied with the work they are undertaking. Job satisfaction entails all the positive and negative feelings towards a job that results from various factors that influence an individual’s life. Job satisfaction describes the level of content of an employee to their job. Satisfied employees perform better than unsatisfied ones (Heller, Judge, & Watson, 2002). Lack of job satisfaction is the most prominent factor that determines the performance of an employee. Some of the job design methods used to promote job satisfaction and performance are job rotation, enlargement, and enrichment (Plaks, 2011). According to the law of nature, as employees get more, they yearn for more. Therefore, the level of satisfaction remains less. Other factors that influence job satisfaction include management style and culture, and employee empowerment and involvement. The most common method of job satisfaction entails the use of rating scales whereby the employees present their feelings and attitudes regarding their job. Job satisfaction is a significant indicator of how employees feel about their job and predict work behaviors such as absenteeism, turnover, and citizenship. Satisfaction at work can mediate the disparity that may arise between personality differences and deviant work tendencies. Job satisfaction is related to life satisfaction whereby those employees that are satisfied with life are contented with their job titles. Main Issues Identified In the Case Study The case study identified and analyzed the satisfaction levels of the employees in the healthcare company and the factors that cause the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the sales staff. According to study, the overall mean score in relation to the motivator factor is 3.70 (indicating they are somewhat satisfied). The employees were somewhat satisfied with the factors about responsibility (4.17) followed by achievement (3.89), intrinsic aspects of the job (3.63) and recognition (3.45) respectively. They were, however, indifferent about the promotional aspect.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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