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Election Movie - Essay Example

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1) One of the key aspects of ethical personality of different characters in the Election movie is their different attitudes in different aspects of life. From one situation to another, the characters change…
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Election Movie
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Extract of sample "Election Movie"

One of the key aspects of ethical personality of different characters in the Election movie is their different attitudes in different aspects oflife. From one situation to another, the characters change. As such, they are shown to possess multiple faces with different objectives and agendas. What is so critical is the fact that the story outlines how people actually make choices, why they make choices, and whether they actually take into consideration any consequences of the same or not. What is also important and probably difficult to digest in terms of ethical dilemmas in this movie is that characters have actually shown that all politics is personal. In such garb, characters have shown that what is relatively an outward matter of local high school elections has been considered as a personal matter. They, therefore, have actually failed to make a distinction between their different roles and failed to avoid the conflict of interest in their different roles. Tracy’s affair with the teacher and his subsequent divorce outlines how unethical relationships between different characters can bring untoward consequences. 2) One of the reasons why McAllister despises Tracy is the fact that she had an affair with a friend of his. The fall out of that affair between Tracy and McAllister’s friend, therefore, may be one of the reasons why he views Tracy negatively. Given the level of energy Tracy depicts, McAllister may also fear that he may face the same fate if he allows Tracy to be elected and become a president. Though it seems that the overall reaction of McAllister to Tracy may be based on factual position, the methods adapted by McAllister to actually disallow Tracy to win elections may be considered as unethical. There is also a fact that Jim felt Tracy may go unopposed and, given his personal circumstances, he may be challenged because he is also responsible for maintaining governance within the school, too. Therefore, there may not be any ethical justification of the way he reacts to Tracy. The overall reaction is relatively overt and involves other characters; Jim attempts to manipulate the election results and engage into unethical and discouraging doings. 3) There have been two important real life personalities which have been associated with the character of Tracy Flick. One is Henry Clinton1 and the other one is Sarah Palin; both of these characters have been able to rise from modest backgrounds to the fame. One of the key elements of the character of Tracy Flick is the fact that she is a hard-working and ambitious girl with relatively low social and economic status. The overall characterization of Tracy Flick, however, has been portrayed as negative because of her manipulative way to achieve success in the high school elections. What, however, many fail to understand is the fact that a brilliant, hard-working and ambitious student is fighting – in the context of elections – against a somewhat dull football player of the school. The overall portrayal and the general understanding of Tracy Flick’s character may have been overboard. Hilary Clinton’s biography outlines her general feelings about the inferiority of the opponents, while at the same time Kirsten Gellibrand, New York Senator, has been depicted as an opportunistic and sharp elbowed – a comparison with Tracy Flick (Auerbach and Dreier). The general understanding of Tracy Flick’s character has made all of us associate her image with any ambitious and successful women. Over the period of time, women who have come forward and attained higher degree of success have been termed as Tracy Flick and are assumed to have manipulative abilities. 4) Historically, women have been considered as responsible for handling home affairs, whereas men acted as bread earners for the family. This tradition has long remained one of the most practiced social and cultural practices within Anglo-European culture. However, this seems to be changing now as more and more women are now becoming part of the mainstream economy and rise to different positions within organizations. What is critical to note, however, is that there is an unseen glass ceiling for most of the ambitious women, because, despite all modernity, organizational culture is male dominated. There still exist unwritten rules, which restrict the growth of women beyond certain positions, and discrimination against women is not an uncommon issue now. Standards, therefore, are different for men and women because of a general perception that women may not be as productive as men are and that women may not be able to handle tough assignments and challenges. Works Cited Auerbach, Lauren, and Hannah Dreier. “Tracy Flick returns: Gillibrand is latest female politician to be compared to film character.” 27 January 2009. Web. 14 July 2012 . Read More
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Election Movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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