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A Sustainable business in our changing Landscape: Impact of E-Marketing on Microsoft Corporation NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 A Sustainable Business in a Changing Landscape 5 Introduction 5 Profile of Microsoft Corporation 5 Snapshot of Computer Industry 6 Aftereffects of September 11, 2001 – Challenges the Existing Businesses Faced 7 Situation Analysis 9 PESTEL Analysis 9 SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis 10 Conclusion 11 Recommendations 12 Implementation and Control 12 14 References 15 Executive Summary Microsoft Corporation is a market leader in the technological world and it has been…
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A Sustainable Business in Our Changing Landscape
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Download file to see previous pages The organization has introduced various products up till now and is always on the frontline for taking advantage of all the latest technological breakthroughs that happen globally. The strategy of diversification has proven to be successful for the company, and it is evident from its continuously increasing performance. The challenging phase of the organization was when it was sued for doing unethical marketing activities – it was believed that the corporation forced its suppliers to supply the raw materials only to it. Other challenge encountered was the violation of anti-competitive strategy, and it was evident from the company’s tactics of getting monopolistic position in the market. Afterwards, the environment was becoming tougher and more competitive, and, presently, all businesses are facing rapid changes happening in the business environment. Some of the major changes, as highlighted by Witiw (2007), that are happening in the volatile environment of today are the following: global economic recession is happening at a faster pace; the economy of a country is severely impacted by the failures of the organizations, by natural disasters and terrorist attacks; top management needs the employees’ supports to enhance the performance; behaviors of the consumers are changing, and children are observed using computers and other technological gadgets at a very early stage; suppliers of the country are impacted by the production facilities transfer to China and India; natural disasters have been occurring at an increasing rate across the world; and violence is spilling from society to various schools, colleges and workplaces. Therefore, the best way of conducting business activities these days is to use the online tools so that the companies are able to respond to consumers’ demands proactively. The trend of shifting from traditional ways of running the business enterprises to online direct selling to the customers is evident – the strategies adopted by Dell, Nokia, Apple, HP and many other companies are the examples. Therefore, the best tool for Microsoft Corporation is to do e-marketing and develop good and an effective e-marketing plan. A Sustainable Business in a Changing Landscape Introduction Internet has revolutionized the way organizations do business these days and it has eased ample activities for the business. Now, businesses can do every activity with few clicks, and they just need to remain well-informed about the technological advancements that are happening these days. The organizations must design their business objectives and strategies in a way that they take advantage of amenities provided by the internet (Smith & Chaffey, 2005). Likewise, internet has opened diverse range of avenues for businesses to conduct their activities and the best opportunity given to companies is that of e-marketing (Rossi et al., 2007). In order to ensure that businesses are able to survive in such a tough and competitive environment, they will have to develop strategies that will help them earn the customers’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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