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Entrepreneurship Portfolio: Pitch, Team, Result, Evaluation - Essay Example

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Entrepreneurship portfolio Contents The Pitch 3 Mission Statement 3 Vision Statement 3 Aims and Objectives 3 SWOT Analysis 4 The Team 4 The Result 5 The Evaluation 6 Reference 8 Bibliography 8 The Pitch The business plan decided is about a radio broadcasting company which plans to operate in the United Kingdom and hence promote entertainment services to the people who are associated with music, news and sports but mainly concentrating on music of various genres such as rock, jazz, hip hop, and classical songs among others…
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Entrepreneurship Portfolio: Pitch, Team, Result, Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore the nature of the thing that the company is planning to sell is services based on the entertainment world and provide its listeners with variety of music to suit their moods. Mission Statement The mission statement of the radio broadcasting company is to provide high quality as well as telecast informative programs to the listeners of UK. It aims to provide its listeners with quality music to start their day with fresh music and with their most favourite songs. Vision Statement ‘The vision statement of the company is to create a world class radio station and provide with all forms of songs to suit the moods of the listeners’. Therefore the vision statement is a picture of what the organisation wants and to be in the future. In broad vision statement aims to achieve the goal set for the future (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2010, p. 18). Aims and Objectives The aims and objectives of launching the radio station in UK are to provide its listeners with all forms of music from the fresh ones to the old music. The objective is to keep the listeners happy and satisfied with a variety of song and at the same time refresh their moods and to increase awareness of public regarding different factors in the community. SWOT Analysis A SWOT is conducted to analyse the strength so that the organisation are able to overcome the weakness through its strength, and use the opportunity to overcome the threat faced by the firm (Fine, 2009). Strength: A major strength lies on the fact that the business is new and it has better opportunity to attract the new customers and the listeners with a new and wide variety of music to suit the moods and keep them relax through the music. Weakness: Since the company is new it might face many weaknesses such as capital requirements, and also the taste of the music might vary from the listeners to listeners. The company need to conduct a proper survey to know the taste of music. Opportunity: Almost 90% of people in the UK listen to radio on an average 21.8 hours per week thus a huge opportunity lies for the company are that it being a new organisation it will have fresh new and innovative ideas to create an awareness of public regarding different factors in the community. Threat: Threat comes from other radio stations which have already marked its presence in the market of UK and thus a huge competition lies from these competitors. The Team The various teams play an important role in the development of the various plans and to be successful they need to work together. For this business plan, the team has been divided into various sections such as the creativity team, the RJs, the production team, the media team and the finance team. The finance team along with the production will take care of all the financial aspect of the company. The creativity team looks after the creativity of the radio station and writes the concept of the RJs and finally the RJ who talks over the radio needs to be active and cheerful with soothing voice so that the listeners enjoys the songs and the other activities undertaken by the company. The owners would pay to the employees and they would be the stakeholders of the company. T ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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