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Marketing Communication in UK: Honest Tea - Case Study Example

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This study examines the importance of quality marketing communication on an example of Hones Tea. At the present context of the business environment, no one can indeed ignore the value of an appropriate marketing communication technique to generate a sustainable market share for a given product. …
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Marketing Communication in UK: Honest Tea
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Extract of sample "Marketing Communication in UK: Honest Tea"

Download file to see previous pages During 1998 the brand got officially registered earning net sales revenue of $250,000 in its very first year. In its later years, the founders kept on introducing other varieties of natural drinks, such as Decaf Ceylon, Jakarta Ginger, Community Green, Chamoli, and many others. The company with its fast growth soon came into the notice of world-famous representatives including the president of United States as featured in the New York Times. During 2008 the brand caught the attention of the most famous beverage company, Coca-Cola after it acquired 40% stake of Honest Tea. This was the time when it was actually realized that a better communication strategy can lead the brand to a wider perspective which Coca-Cola could render but was hard for the company itself. As stated by Seth, “All beverage upstarts resent the Establishment because its near-stranglehold on distribution makes it difficult for us to get our drinks to customers” (Silverstein, 2010).
After such great achievement in the US market, the founders are placing a decision to face the UK beverage market. As a product related to organic drinks, Honest Tea certainly falls into the group to compel with its social responsibility to serve its customers with healthy and harmless drinks. Hence, there are a lot of rules and regulations that the company needs to follow while dealing with marketing communication strategies. For example, the legal and voluntary aspects, the form of credible sources and other variables while selecting it’s communicating techniques to enter the UK market. Meanwhile, the changing scenario of the economy should also be considered in this matter.
Marketing communications today has a wide range of applicability to prove its effectiveness in real practice. The concept of marketing communication in the present phenomenon is not only to create brand awareness with a motive to generate high sales volume or capture huge market share. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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