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Learning Journey Report - Essay Example

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Complete Learning Journey Report In life, for most part, I realize the essence of the fact that man in any aspect of dealing with humanity can never do without communication. It seems that no person, not even one under frequent state of loneliness or despair would make it through a minute portion of a lifetime in the absence of an interactive situation…
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Learning Journey Report
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"Learning Journey Report"

Download file to see previous pages Based on everyday encounter with people at home, at work, and elsewhere, this is true indeed and each time I engage myself to communicate with others, I feel a sense of relief at having experienced one basic nature of human being. As a learning individual, I have observed that communication enhances my capacity toward self-awareness such that I can determine my personal judgment and feeling over something out of the natural response to stimuli from people who assume different life roles in relation to me. I learn that becoming educated is a natural process of growth to maturity that depends on the learner’s enthusiasm and willingness to be subjected to the varying complexities of obtaining and sharing knowledge with fellow learners. Though I notice that it has been a typical concern to identify factors that affect student learning and often, the skills and knowledge of an academic instructor are readily assumed to take the key function of evaluating how teaching methods impact learning, communication still plays the crucial part. More than merely satisfying the fundamental necessity of gaining information, communication has made me acknowledge the value in understanding and being understood by my educator. As part of the team, I have found that my self-concept is constantly evolving in my attempt to conform to the organization and behave according to the culture and general attitude of the team in achieving the desired ends. Defining self proceeds as I seek fulfillment in effective communication which requires not only active participation in the activities but even understanding the strengths and weaknesses alike in people and circumstances within a social sphere from which driving force to come about a change or evolution may be derived. In this course, there have been several times I manage to observe that my own behavior is modified depending on the manner by which I perceive an arriving stimulus and respond to it correspondingly. I used to suppose that ‘being real to oneself’ simply meant going by the nature I am without needing to pay regard to the impact of the people in the group or society around me, thinking that the concept of self is understood just once in a lifetime. Along with this misconception is the belief that former foundations bear the sole responsibility of substantiating the self, yet by objective and subjective learning, formation of self-identity is apparently ceaseless and may not be confined only to a few aspects of growth. Until I had come to the point of ascertaining that ‘sense of self’ is yielded through evolutionary stages, it usually felt complicated to handle self-awareness and what the exact meaning is of a true self in the past. To this extent, I have thus realized by far that human interactions or communication schemes portray a huge role in creating a person’s identity which continues to evolve with time and socio-cultural influences. When I came across serious commitment and risks as a member of the team, I recall the time I struggled getting over a hard feeling toward the fact that while there were open-minded individuals, others bore tendencies at unnecessary argumentation, then I unconsciously allowed myself to seek alternatives to divert my unpleasant emotions for comfort. Out of having to cope with the difficulty of erasing deep-rooted sentiments that had gone through an intense motion, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Journey Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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