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Company Policy - Recruiting and Selecting - Coursework Example

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Company policy – Recruiting and Selecting Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: The recent growth of business and advancement in technology prompted the executive manager to request me to conduct a research aimed at evaluating our firm’s recruitment and selection policy…
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Company Policy - Recruiting and Selecting
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Download file to see previous pages No single firm can succeed without having laid down policies that govern its day to day operations. For that reason, ASDA also has its laid down rules, principles, guidelines or directions that must be adhered to while selecting and recruiting employees. These rules and guidelines enable the firm to receive highly qualified and skilled employees. In addition to that, the selected employees are best suited for the job to ensure the overall growth and progress of the firm. In ensuring that all employees as well as potential ones understand its policies, ASDA has printed leaflets and availed them in all its outlets. Furthermore, the selection and recruitment policy is available online in the company’s website for public viewing. The policy has clarified the entire process involved in the selection and recruitment of new employees. It states that individuals wishing to work in ASDA should fill in application forms available online or visit nearest ADSA stores, and fill application forms. Thereafter, shortlisted individuals are called for interviews and their personality and working competencies scrutinized. Qualified individuals are selected and further taken to psychology tests where their IQ is tested. People with high IQ and pleasant personality are selected and given roles that makes use of their brilliance. ADSA also has clear procedures that allow recruitment of old people aged fifty years and above. The old people are viewed to have experience which is beneficial to the supermarket. These policies are extremely vital in ensuring the growth and progress of the company. It stresses on employment of qualified people who work to ensure that the supermarket achieves its goals and objectives. It serves the supermarket’s purpose in providing quality service to the people. Employing old people promotes the society’s culture to respect and take care of the elderly people. It gives them a chance to take part in nation building. The policy is updated every now and then to ensure that it reflects the current changes in the market demands. The regular updates ensure that the supermarket employs qualified individuals who are focused and dedicated in advancing its goals. The recruitment and selection policy is accepted and known by all stakeholders in the business. The society, customers, employees and customers makes up the stakeholders in ADSA. Every group has a role to play in the business; thus, wide knowledge of the supermarket’s policy will ensure that they perform their roles in the best manner possible. For instance, employees will understand what is expected of them, how to conduct their duties as well as the procedures involved in securing promotions. The customers, on the other hand, will understand best how they should be treated by the supermarket’s employees. Furthermore, having knowledge of the recruitment and selection policy will make them appreciate the supermarket’s employees. They will view them as qualified individuals who have their interests at heart. The policy plays important roles in ensuring steady growth and advancement of ASDA supermarket. Employing of qualified individuals after a rigorous interview process makes the chain of supermarket to meet the demands of the public, customers and the society. The psychological tests conducted to employ the managerial staff also promote the company’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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