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The Best Recruitment for Choosing an IT Manager - Essay Example

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The aim of the paper “The Best Recruitment for Choosing an IT Manager” is to evaluate the role of an IT manager in Go Virtual Medical Ltd., which is a highly technical job in which a candidate needs to know the basic integrities that are required to execute the job…
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The Best Recruitment for Choosing an IT Manager
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Download file to see previous pages With the help of this job description, the company would be able to outline the job specifications and trace out the most suitable candidate for the job. The company needs to chalk out the various responsibilities that the concerned person would have to execute on a daily basis thereby understanding exactly the necessary knowledge and the skill base that an ideal candidate should possess. As pointed out, the IT manager must have a sound knowledge about the latest 'information and communication technology' which is the most necessary and essential criteria for a candidate to be eligible for the position of an IT manager. The candidate must have a thorough knowledge about the technicalities that are essential in an environment where advanced IT processes such as 'Integrated Stimulator' form the chief operating system. The candidate must also have knowledge about medical science as this company provides a virtual network by which it offers a complete learning package, integrating the four important components which are anatomy, text, simulation and video. So, without having a thorough understanding of the various processes in medical science, it is not possible for a candidate to work in this framework. ... The candidate must also have knowledge about medical science as this company provides a virtual network by which it offers a complete learning package, integrating the four important components which are anatomy, text, simulation and video. So, without having a thorough understanding of the various processes in medical science, it is not possible for a candidate to work in this framework. He should also have a thorough knowledge of the various medical tools that are being used today in the medical field. It is suggested that the company should look out for an experienced candidate who has been working in such a similar IT environment and is also quite familiar with the medical practices. The advertisement posted should be specific about the exact job specifications desired from a candidate. The language and the technique of writing the advertisement should have been more formal. This would have conveyed the urgency and the seriousness of the employer to find out the potential candidate for the position concerned. There is no need of unnecessarily stretching the advertisement and making it look cumbersome. A potential candidate might lose interest while reading the advertisement, if the person is in a hurry or is working at a higher managerial position in another company. This person may be looking for a prospective change in job and can be one of the desirable candidates for the position of IT manager. To attract the right candidate, which is the main objective of a proper recruitment strategy, it is absolutely necessary to post a precise, well written formal advertisement. It should be remembered that choosing a proper medium to communicate a job opening to a candidate is of utmost importance and secondly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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