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Motivation, Stress, and Communication - Research Paper Example

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Motivation, Stress and Communication Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Motivation, Stress and Communication Job description The job I have chosen is a marketing and sales manager in Apple Inc. It is a full time position in the technology firm. The sales manager will be responsible for sales in California State…
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Motivation, Stress, and Communication
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"Motivation, Stress, and Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the position has the responsibility of staffing and directing a sales team, providing headship towards the accomplishment of utmost profitability and growth in tandem with the vision and values of the company. Furthermore, the individual will have the task of instituting procedures and stratagem to enlarge the client base in the marketing area and contribute to the advancement of training and instructive programs for consumers and account executives. Responsibilities and Accountabilities The individual will have the task of devising a business plan and sales strategy for the assigned areas that guarantee the attainment of the firm’s sales goals and profitability. The individual will be in charge of the performances and development of the account executives. Furthermore, the individual is expected to conduct and coordinate, at individual as well as team level, effectual searches of sales leads and prospects. In line with the company’s development plans, the individual has to prepare strategies aimed at penetrating new markets and maintaining already existing markets. Apart from the harmonization of sales activities, the individual has to perform personalized reviews with all account executives to institute effective communication. This will be in order to gain a clear understanding of training and development requirements, and to provide information in the improvement of Account executives sales and activity performance. He has the task of providing timely feedback of the performance of new products in his market region to the VP of sales. The marketing and sales manager, at the beginning of each month, will hold counsel with all sales persons in his region to establish realistic sales objectives. Consequently, by following the drafted course of action, or making alterations, the individual has to achieve the projected sales. He/she has to monitor the performance of the sales persons in his charge. Additionally, the person has to have a keen understanding of the company’s fiscal data to gain insight on what is happening in the assigned region. The marketing and sales manager will, apart from maintaining a high level of personal motivation, coach, counsel, prop, and motivate sales personnel in the region. Concerning the sales personnel, the manager will monitor their performance comparing it with the previous period’s performance and make suitable resolutions. Concerning products, the individual will bear the task of developing appropriate displays for the products where necessary. He/she also has the duty of handling all complains from customers regarding the products sold. Significantly, the individual must be capable of maintaining continual professional growth, improving sales skills, managerial skills, business skills and product comprehension. Relationships and Roles The Job requires an individual with familiarity of 5 years in sales supervision. The individual should be familiar with technological trends, especially in the gadget field. Broad practice in all facets of SRM is a prerequisite. The individual should bear a confirmed record in managing and heading highly-trained, motivated, successful, and achievement oriented sales force. He/she should further demonstrate strong leadership aptitudes. A strong comprehension of consumer and market dynamics is a requirement, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and vibrant market setting. The interested individual should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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