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Developing effective teamwork in organisations Table of Contents Context 4 1.Relationship between organization structure and culture 4 Task 1a. Organizational structures 4 Task 1b. Relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture and its impact on business performance 9 Task 1c…
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Developing Effective Teamwork in Organisations
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Download file to see previous pages Evaluation of the organizational theories and approaches with examples 12 3.Ways of using motivational theories in organisations 13 Task 1. Impact of leadership styles on motivation levels in organizations in periods of change 13 Task2a. 3 motivational theories 13 Task 2b. 3 workplace situations for the 3 motivational theories 14 Task 2c. Comparison and evaluation of theories against set criteria of ‘benefits of motivational theories’ for managers 14 4.Developing effective teamwork in organizations 15 Task 1. Review workforce in the organization with regards to group behaviours 15 Task 2a. 4 factors to be considered for building effective teams 15 Task 2b. Contribution of 4 factors towards development of teamwork 15 Task 2c. How the 4 factors can inhibit development of teamwork 16 Task 3. Evaluation of the impact of technology on team functioning in the organization 16 Reference 18 Context The project presents the context of British Petroleum, which accounts for one of the leading oil and gas companies in the world. The organization is known for its immense success in providing customers with fuel, energy, retail services and petrochemical products which is required in their daily lives. The company’s unique feature lies in its sophisticated technology usage and techniques which it uses for finding natural gases and oil under the surface of the earth. The organization earns the reputation of constantly updating its scientific techniques and tools used in its methods and practices and responding to customers’ needs and requirements promptly and successfully. The efficiency and competency demonstrated by the company truly reflects through its organizational culture and structure. It also demonstrates perfect leadership styles in different situations and needs. The impacts of effective leadership shows through its ability in enhancing motivations of individuals in the organization such that it proves itself as one of the most preferred and attractive employer to work with. The organization’s effective and efficient team management styles also accounts for one of the main factors for success. The project proceeds with the description of the organizational structure and culture of British Petroleum and way it impacts on the business performance. The different approaches to leadership and management are discussed in this context. Finally the impact of technology and its influence on the team functioning in the organization is provided in the project. 1. Relationship between organization structure and culture Task 1a. Organizational structures British Petroleum reflects a geographically based organizational structure, particularly because of its large overseas sales which do not necessarily remain dominated by any single geographic territory. Global area structures are generally seen in organizations having narrow product lines; for example, the automobile organizations, cosmetics, containers, pharmaceuticals as well as food and beverages (John & Gillies, 1996, p.278). On the other hand the organizational structure of General Electric demonstrates a product divisional structure. The multinational organization is structured according to the product divisions which exist across the world. General Electric has product divisional structure mainly on account of its wide and diverse product ranges in which the user markets as well as the technologies very to quite an extent between the various product groups (John & Gillies, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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