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Team Reflection Paper - Essay Example

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In the 21st century teamwork has become a critical success factor for domestic and multinational corporations. It is imperative for employees to cooperate with each other in order to optimize the productivity of a company. At the University of Phoenix the school values the importance of teamwork…
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Team Reflection Paper
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Download file to see previous pages During the ACC 544, Internal Control System, I was a member of team C. The purpose of this paper is to describe the interaction and learning experience that occurred during this course through the team learning mechanism. I have taken over 15 courses at the University of Phoenix online at the graduate level. Each of these courses had team assignments to be performed by a small group of students of 3-6 members. I believe that the university is doing a great job in their teaching methods because it is preparing us for the workplace of the future. Virtual teams are a hot trend in the managerial field due to the globalization movement and the fact that there are thousands of global corporations worldwide. “Managing a virtual team means managing the whole spectrum of communication strategies and project management techniques as well as human and social processes in ways that support the team. During the last six weeks I had the privilege to work with an outstanding team. It was a pleasurable experience working with a great group of professionals. Starting in week 1 team C always had great communication among the members. Communication in the workplace is an important variable that must be managed well by the leaders of an organization. Communication problems can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Team C did not experience any of these symptoms. Whenever anyone was called upon to deliver data or information everyone responded promptly. As I mentioned earlier I have been a part of several work teams at the University of Phoenix. I believe that this team has been the most functional and productive team I have ever been in. The academic results prove my premise. Team C received a perfect grade of 25/25 on five projects the team completed. I’m a good student, but I do not have a 4.0 G.PA. Team C achieved perfection due to its hard work, commitment to excellence, cooperation, outstanding communication, and concise writing. I wished I would have had these teammates with me in all my previous courses. One of the best things about Team C was the lack of an ego. In other team I have worked on somebody always wants to be the team leader without getting approval from the other members. Team C did not have that problem. I believe that the leadership responsibilities were shared equally among the members. I loved the fact that the team member willingly divided the work parts without having anyone tell them to do things they did not want to do. Another great aspect about the team was the punctuality of the deliverables. At the University of Phoenix online the members of study teams depend on each other. If one member fails to deliver their work on time it creates a chain reaction that affects the quality of the work of the team. Team C cared about each other and respected the academic well being of the other members. The perfect grade the team was able to achieve in the five assignments will increase the chances of all the team members obtaining a passing grade at the end of the course. I enjoyed working with this team because there was mutual respect among all the players on the team. The team was very organized throughout the entire course. This help the communication process because everyone always knew what they were supposed to do. I took initiative prior to week four and week five projects of creating an outline a few weeks before of how to separate the work in the team. This strategy worked well as everyone knew ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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