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The advantages and disadvantages of Opera Reservations System (ORS), by MICROS systems Inc, for hotels and restaurants - Essay Example

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Business Contents Contents 2 Opera Reservation Systems and Hotels and Restaurants 3 Advantages for Restaurants using Opera Reservation Systems 3 Disadvantages for Restaurants using Opera Reservation Systems 4 Opera Reservation System –Specific Advantages and Disadvantages 5 Advantages of Opera Reservation System 5 Disadvantages of Opera Reservation System 8 References 9 Opera Reservation Systems and Hotels and Restaurants Advantages for Restaurants using Opera Reservation Systems The hotels and restaurants operating in the service sector have earned large scale dynamism owing to the extended use of the Opera Reservation Systems Software…
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The advantages and disadvantages of Opera Reservations System (ORS), by MICROS systems Inc, for hotels and restaurants
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"The advantages and disadvantages of Opera Reservations System (ORS), by MICROS systems Inc, for hotels and restaurants"

Download file to see previous pages Opera Reservation Systems also happens to render specialised services to the restaurants and hotels by designing different software like that for the Sales and Catering department. The Opera Reservation Systems also happens to enhance the potential of service quality rendered by the hotel and restaurants through the high amount of incorporation of different types of innovative tools. This tool helps the hotels and restaurants in generating effective services to the customers through maintaining effective relationship based services with them. Again the tool also helps the hotels in effectively maintaining the guest rooms and also helps the corporation in adequately working out resources meant for organising events. The software also helps the hotels and restaurants in effectively tracking the sales pertaining to the different departments and also in tracking the highest sales figure in regards to the different items. Opera Reservation Systems software also helps in regulating the inventory pertaining to the different category of guest rooms in the hotel. Acting like an effective planning tool the software helps the hotel in arranging for the food and beverages meant for domestic and international guests. The software also helps the hotels in effectively meeting the different bills pertaining to banquet and other room services rendered to the guests. Opera Reservation Systems also acts as an effective forecasting tool for the hotel and restaurants in helping the companies estimate the rise in the number of guests and the sales pertaining to the different categories of services and products rendered. The operating system also helps the hotels in effectively analysing the margins pertaining to the cost and the profits emanating out of the services of the company. Having said the essential features and services rendered by the software to the hotel it can be easily understood that such services tend to make the people much effective in rendering continuous services to the customers. The people operating based on such software can thereby effectively communicate with the guests and consumers and thereby help in enhancing the brand image of the concern. Thus the incorporation of such software helps to render specialised services to the hotel corporations and thereby enhances the potential in gaining new markets and also in successfully developing its brand image. Enhanced use of the software by the different level of employees thus makes the people get an overview of the entire operation performed in the hotel sector (HRS, 2006). Disadvantages for Restaurants using Opera Reservation Systems The hotels and restaurants operating based on software such as Opera Reservation System though reflect salient number of advantages is also struck from some serious drawbacks. The practice of depending highly on such software creates a problem for the concern especially in cases of long term power cuts. The internal people of the concern being highly dependent on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More


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