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Ethics and Performance Measures - Research Paper Example

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Ethics and Performance Measures Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction In a company, ethics and performance measures are important because they dictate the direction in which the company takes. Everything that happens in the company needs to be accounted for because it shows how it is responsible in taking the company forwards (Shell, 2009)…
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Ethics and Performance Measures
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"Ethics and Performance Measures"

Download file to see previous pages It is imperative to measure the extent to which ethics are applied, so that the company becomes resourceful to employees and the community at large. By doing so, it win the trust of consumers, as well as gaining more profits for the organization. When a company manages to have a greater profit margin, it has a better opportunity to expand and offer more opportunities for employees. The vices that are taken for granted in the company are the ones that draw back the efforts in the organization (Shell, 2009). Unethical Behavior As A Result of Wrong Performance Measures There are many things which lead to the unethical behaviors in an organization. There is a need for constant checking of the manner in which employees conduct themselves because, if they are left on their own, they end up making mistakes due to peer influence or greed. In Sparkling Automotive Company, the presidents need to ensure that there is the measurement of ethics and behaviors of the employees because failure to check on the behaviors can ruin a business that has been operational since 1930. The fact that there are no unethical behaviors exhibited by the employees does not mean that the employees are trustworthy (Arveson, 2002). Most of the employees harbor bad intentions or they get influenced by corrupt distributors or suppliers who access commodity from the company in wholesale. They may offers bribes to the respective employees for some under movements which will cause the company a lot of money. This ends up making the company undergo loss because the workers will out any money to be paid. Competitors use the gullible employees to carry out destructive missions, such as pirating the procedures used in manufacturing of the plugs; they result in production of counterfeit products which affect the results in the markets. Many workers who do not keep the secrets of the company line of production cause a dent to the company because they create unnecessary fracture to the production niche. When counterfeit products are in surplus in the market, it takes the market a hard time to realize, hence, it affects the turnover of the company (Arveson, 2002). Corrupt means of cost cutting in the company where the heads of the organization acquire bribe to give tenders affect the image of the company. All this needs to be checked because neglecting such issues only worsens the situation in the organization of Sparkling Automotive Company (SAC) (Shell, 2009). When performance measures are tied to compensations, it creates a workforce that is driven by the need to create more resources for the company. This propagates the encouragement of unethical behaviors due to compromised honesty. In Sparkling Automotive Company, performance measures fall into four categories, which are customer perspective, financial perspective, internal process perspective, and learning and growth perspective. All these categories need to be acted upon for the company to flourish in its manufacturing and sales of plugs in Sparkling Automotive Company. When all levels of employees in the company are not involved in the company activities pertaining production and selling of the plugs, there would be a lot of frauds that can choke the running of the organization. Delivering the plugs can counter a lot of hiccups which slow the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics and Performance Measures Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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