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Saturn Corporation Case Study - Research Paper Example

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The outbound logistics process in Saturn Corporation primarily uses both truck transportation systems and rail transportation systems. The truck delivery system is…
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Saturn Corporation Case Study
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Extract of sample "Saturn Corporation Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages ugh Saturn Corporation employs a number of robust and innovative processes in the outbound transportation systems, yet, there may be several challenges faced by the company with respect to the choice of the outbound transportation methods. Cost control is a main objective of any business. Saturn Corporation faces the issue of cost control in choosing the outbound transportation provider. Ideally, low cost modes of transportation are chosen by Saturn Corporation because the costs associated with the transportation segment have huge impacts on the total purchase prices of the company which may be carried forward to the customers in the form of destination charges. The damage rate of the goods in the different modes of outbound transportation is another major factor for consideration in this company. Prevention of damage is considered to be of more importance that the rectification of damages in the automotive industry. The level of training imparted to the employees in the outbound transportation service providers is a critical factor. The handling, loading and unloading of the goods are phases in which maximum damages to the products occur. As such, the training level and skills of the employees of the transportation service providers should be considered so as to minimize the rate of damage in the products. Shipment tracking facilities, equipment utilization and capacity of the outbound service providers are other critical factors that should be considered by Saturn Corporation while choosing the appropriate outbound logistics service provider. The capacity of the transportation service providers is also significant to increase the inventory turnover rate of Saturn Corporation. An increase in the inventory turnover rates is an important objective for any automaker. This can be achieved through the employment of dealers with multiple loading capabilities. A suitable combination of the available outbound transportation services is to be considered to improve the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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